12 Most Romantic Proposals In Movies To Inspire Your Own Love Scene


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Best Proposal Scenes In Movies That'll Make You Cry

Ever notice how Hollywood takes love to another level? They know how to make grand gestures and to prove my point here are some of the best proposal scenes in movies. These will train you to create your own emotional, and beautiful scene!

Whether it’s a dramatic confession on the Empire State Building or a cozy candlelit moment, movies set the bar high for what we expect in love.

Your own proposal might not have had A-list actors or a dreamy lighting crew, but these best movie marriage proposals will make you understand what real love feels like.

So without further ado, let’s get into some of the most romantic movie proposals ever!

12 Best Proposal Scenes In Movies That’ll Make You Cry

1. Leap Year (2010)

In the deep, green fields of Ireland’s countryside, one of the most romantic movie proposals is when Declan goes down on one knee and proposes to Anna. But how he did it was what really caught her attention.

And though it’s a bit strange, it captures Anna’s heart with his sincerity and Irish wit. It was a special setting that reflected what this couple went through so far on their journey together, therefore making this scene memorable.

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2. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

One of the best proposal scenes in movies is Baldwin’s heartfelt recounting of his late wife Annie Reed sets the stage for a proposal filled with raw emotion and genuine connection.

As Sam opens up about his past, Annie realizes her deep feelings for him as well. Their bond is proven to be able to transcend time and space.

3. Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Edward Ferrars’ modest yet one of the most romantic proposals in movies to Elinor Dashwood embodies the themes of love and societal expectations prevalent throughout the film.

Against their restrained world, Edward says he loves Elinor which at first seems simple enough but has quite profound implications. All he wants her to do is know how deep these feelings truly run for her sake.

4. Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

12 Best Proposal Scenes In Movies That'll Make You Cry

One of the unique and best movie proposals is by Jake to Melanie at Tiffany’s captures the essence of their whirlwind romance and the dynamic nature of their relationship.

Surrounded by luxury and extravagance, Jake makes a grand gesture offering something personal that only they share, reflecting the complexity of their love story.

5. The Proposal (2009)

Andrew the pushy boss makes his young assistant Margaret marry him to keep her Visa status in the U.S. otherwise she gets deported to Canada.

Margaret gradually warms up to everyone and remembers what it feels like to have a family, but on the day of the wedding, she leaves him because she loves him.

Gammy pretends to have a heart attack and Andrew flies to New York to propose to her again and they get married for real, and she says “I do”.

6. Notting Hill (1999)

Will admits he’s a huge idiot, and they all race to go find Anna. She’s holding a press conference at the Savoy Hotel. They show up just as her publicist says she is taking a year off and leaving the UK.

He proposes her there and this is one of the most romantic proposal in movies as this scene really shows how powerful love can be if you give it the chance.

7. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Who could forget Mr. Darcy’s misty field proposal to Elizabeth Bennet, with its raw emotional intensity and sweeping romanticism? Amid a rolling fog, Darcy spits in the face of societal norms by revealing his love for Elizabeth, regardless of what society dictates is acceptable.

This is one of the best movie marriage proposals, which is a testament to love’s ability to overcome prejudice and social barriers, leaving audiences swooning over its timelessness.

8. The Notebook (2004)

Noah’s proposal to Allie in the rain — against the backdrop of the old house he rebuilt for her — is iconic because it hits you square in the chest. The pouring rain pours out Noah’s declaration of love for Allie and echoes how intense their connection truly is.

As long as you’ve seen this movie at least once, this scene will be forever etched into your memory for its beauty and unmatched passion.

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9. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

In an extravagant, colorful setting that captures just how opulent Nick & Rachel’s love story is, Nick proposes to Rachel while surrounded by riches. Sure, that sounds cheesy as hell but it works!

It works exceptionally well because it shows Rachel that despite all they have going on around them Nick still wants to take things further with her. This scene reminds everyone watching that sometimes fairy tales do come true.

10. A Walk To Remember (2002)

Landon proposes to Jamie under a sky full of stars — simple but super effective! Its simplicity represents how real Landon’s feelings are when he says he loves Jamie. The dreamy nature of these two characters only helps add fuel to this memorably serene moment.

11. The Wedding Singer (1998)

Robbie serenades Julia on a plane with “Grow Old With You” — I mean who wouldn’t want someone willing to embarrass themselves like this? Although some may say it’s too much I think it perfectly represents the love these two have for each other.

If you’ve ever seen this movie, I’m 100% sure that this is the scene that has you craving a romance exactly like Robbie and Julia’s.

12. 27 Dresses (2008)

Jane races to Kevin’s last wedding after being promoted. The bride sees her as a celebrity and is shocked. Jane then gets on stage and tells the world she loves Kevin, leading to them having a heartfelt kiss for everyone to see. As the movie comes to a close, they have their beach wedding, sealing their happily ever after for good.

This proposal is unforgettable because of its beauty and how much we can see that both of them care about one another.

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So, these were some of the most romantic movie proposals ever. Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

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