How to Reprogram Your Brain for Excellence

reprogram your brain

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To Overcome This Fear Pattern, You Have To Substitute A New Memory For The Old One.

A positive memory that will empower you to do your best rather than screw up. Start the process of installing a new memory through constant repetition now – don’t wait until you’re just about to speak.  That will be too late.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side Of Fear
How to Reprogram Your Brain for Excellence

Olympic athletes accomplish this tricky process by creating mental movies of their run, routine, or lift – and playing these movies over and over again in their heads. If you create a mental movie of yourself giving a confident, flawless speech, or winning over an interviewer when applying for a new job, and you play it over and over again in your head, you can achieve the same kind of excellence in your own sphere. And that will keep all the various systems in your body working together instead of working separately to screw you up.

Written by: Nick Morgan, Ph.D
Originally appeared on: Psychology Today
Republished with permission. 
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How to Reprogram Your Brain for Excellence
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