5 Ways You Can Keep Your Relationship Strong During Coronavirus Isolation

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Relationship Strong During Coronavirus Isolation

For my partner, shockingly, it seems to be sex that he needs.  I tried to postpone indulging last night and was met with a frown and a pouty face. I indulged him and he was happy. He also finds peace working on any car – solving problems and finding a cure.

Try to figure out what your partner needs during this stressful time. If you can’t identify what they need, ask them. A key part of living together in peace will be by giving each other what you each need.

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4. Respect your time together.

If there is one thing that couples in America don’t have enough of is time together.

Our crazy work and parenting schedules make it so, at times, couples barely say more than a few words to each other over the course of a day other than ‘good morning’ and ‘good night.’ We are accustomed to this being the way things are but the way things are are rarely good for any relationship.

A wonderful way to take advantage of this time that you and your partner have together, and to keep your relationship strong, is to do things together. Take walks, binge watch “Better Call Saul,” have backgammon marathons, fool around. You have nothing but time right now so make the best of it!

Using this time of coronavirus isolation for good can be just the thing that saves a relationship that is struggling and making a stronger one that is intact.

5. Respect Yourself.

It is important, during this time of crisis, that you respect and care for yourself.

Men and women, both, have a tendency to go into overdrive with caregiving and crisis management when confronted with something unknown and scary like the coronavirus. And when we do that, we can suck ourselves completely dry.

Make an effort to take care of yourself. Take baths, take walks, exercise (outdoors), watch cute cat videos on YouTube, play with your kids. Whatever it is that gives you pleasure, even in the short term.

If you find yourself wearing out and getting crabby, think about what they tell us on airplanes – ‘put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.’ That’s what we need to do right now. Even if you are working hard to keep your children feeling safe (and not bored) or dealing with a crabby partner who hates sitting still, make a conscious effort to step back, if only for a bit, and take care of yourself!

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Knowing how to keep your relationship strong during coronavirus isolation is a key part of getting through the crisis intact.

Don’t belittle your partner’s emotions, share what you both need to get through this, make the most of your time together and take care of yourself!

I know it feels like everything has changed and will never be the same but we will get through this as a nation and our relationship can survive and, even thrive, in spite of it all.

If you want to know more about how you can keep your relationship strong during coronavirus isolation, then check out this video below:

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Relationship Strong During Coronavirus Isolation
5 Ways You Can Keep Your Relationship Strong During Coronavirus Isolation
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