5 Ways A Yoga Retreat In Bali Will Open Your Heart

Yoga is becoming more and more popular these days, and for good reason. Many who wish to relax have resorted to yoga to give their bodies a good stretch, their minds a peaceful time to relax, and to take a refresher from every day’s stressors. No one is without circumstances in their lives that may have, one time or another, led them to close their hearts to love, friendships, or openness.

To give yourself a new perspective, one of the best holidays that you can take are the beginners yoga & meditation retreats at Blooming Lotus in beautiful Bali, Indonesia.

Continue reading to know why you should get on that plane right now and be on your way to this relaxing Asian retreat:

1. Yoga retreats teach you to relax.

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, relaxation is often no longer a priority. People always want to accomplish more and are ruled by the deadline. When you get home, you are too tired that all you do is sleep. The same routine goes on every single day. If you haven’t realized it already, this is perhaps one of the reasons why you are so detached from your emotions because you feel like you can do everything on your own. The busier you are, the less time you have to make friendships and build relationships.

At Bali Spirit yoga retreats, you are taught to relax. You are brought back to the simple state of life, where you can breathe, take the time to talk to real people, and have meaningful conversations, allowing you to open yourself up a little bit more. Here, you open your heart to conversations, care, and love.

2. Yoga retreats allow you to reflect on your life.

Have you recently gone through something so traumatic in your life that it led you to build walls that are too high to scale? Yes, perhaps. But since every day may be too busy for you, you didn’t have the chance to think about all these.

To move on from any negative circum

stances in your life, you need to allow yourself to really sit down and reflect on your current situation. This allows you to become a more emotionally mature individual. When you are at this yoga retreat, you have no other choice but to take it easy. All this quiet time enables you to think through every emotion that you have experienced or are going through. Chances are, on the last day, you will have a better perspective of life, as well as of your feelings or matters of the heart.

3. Yoga retreats give you ultimate peace.

Everyone needs peace in their life. There is no way for you to move on from any negative experience that you may have gone through if you are without peace. But, again, because of all the stressors that your daily life may bring, it is difficult to come to peaceful terms with anything negative that you may have gone through. When you first step on the retreat premises in Bali, you will be showered with so much peace and calmness.

During the retreat, there is no room for negative vibes, and as much as possible, you are also invited to stay away from your mobile phone, gadgets, or social media for the time being. With this, you are left with no other choice but to focus on the retreat and your healing process. Hearts are left closed because there was a lack of healing, and this is precisely what a yoga retreat can do for you.

Watch this video for you to feel even more inspired about signing up for this yoga retreat in this island paradise:

4. Yoga retreats teach you to make real friends.

During the yoga retreat in this Balinese paradise, you are encouraged to make friends with all the other retreat participants. Because you aren’t glued to your phone, you have more time and opportunities to talk, share in conversations, and make real friends. Most people today don’t take an open heart too seriously because they feel they have their social media friends and followers to keep them company. But are they really there for you? Are they real friends? Do you have rich and meaningful conversations? All these you can achieve at your yoga retreat.

5. Yoga retreats allow you to find your center and that stillness within you.

Yes, the center of your body is your heart. All your emotions come from it, and the more that you inflict your heart with negative and close-minded emotions, the harder it is for you to be still. Yoga allows you to find your core, both literally and figuratively, as you balance both your physical stance and your emotional and mental state. When you have found that stillness that comes from within, you end up feeling more secure about yourself. With this, you are more confident to open your heart up to others, and life, in general.


If you have been taking yourself for granted lately, you may realize that your life isn’t going as smoothly and happily as you originally intended. There may have been difficult circumstances in your life that have led you to detach yourself from the rest of the world. You have refused loving and caring arms, meaningful friendships, and other heartfelt emotions. Now that you need no more convincing, you can be sure that this Balinese yoga retreat will bring you home feeling better, happier, and with a much more open heart.

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