Wisepicks For 27 August

You've taken the colour out of my life

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 27 August.

Wisepicks For 27 August

Myee Jean Atherton Munns

You’ve taken the colour 
out of my life.


Wisepicks For 27 August
Karthik Parthasarathy 


Needed space inside myself, 
Had to push you out, 
I know you’ll suck the color out, 
A risk I have to take. 
Keeping you in is a bigger problem,
You suck all my energy, 
Got to spit you out, 
That’s the way forward for me. 


Wisepicks For 27 August


You sucked the colours out of my life.
I longed for your tender touch.
But you made me suffer so much.
I thought we would bloom,
But you brought me gloom.
I am going be paint myself from now on.
But first things first; you need to be gone,
For me to be myself and go on. 


Wisepicks For 27 August
Rinku Shah


Time to eject people,
Who prove to be lethal.
Those who try to confine you,
Time to be unapologetically You!


Wisepicks For 27 August
Josélynn Noël


We lost ourselves 
and became black and white 
in a world full of color.


Wisepicks For 27 August
Sulekha Pande


I eject you,
I reject you,
I refuse to be used,
I’m no longer confused.

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