Caption this – 27 August

Caption this - 27 August


Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.

Wisepick for the image will be published on 30 August

26 thoughts on “Caption this – 27 August”

  1. Sucking someone elses color is wanting to have what they have such as their behaviour, their vibe and the way they live their life. Instead of escaping from your current situation, why not accept who you really are? Surely, the right one’s can find the colorful in the colorless. Stay unique.

  2. I am full of charm, painted black and white. Plain yet beautiful. Lovely hues around can’t take my value. Then I met you, you give colors to my world or not at all.

  3. I understand why you have to,
    I think I know your pain,
    You have to push me out,
    No other way out for you.
    You think I am sucking your energy,
    Leaving your colorless,
    Wouldn’t do that even in my death,
    I wish you know that.
    Pushing me out is the way out for you,
    Go ahead! I am ready.

  4. Needed space inside myself,
    Had to push you out,
    I know you’ll suck the color out,
    A risk I have to take.
    Keeping you in is a bigger problem,
    You suck all my energy,
    Got to spit you out,
    That’s the way forward for me.

  5. You sucked the colours out of my life.
    Now I throw you out.
    I am going to be me.
    At least I will try to be.
    But I know it will not be the same.
    You or I, I don’t know who is to blame.
    I am in gloom,
    And now more than ever,
    I wish to bloom.

  6. You sucked the colours out of my life.
    I longed for your tender touch.
    But you made me suffer so much.
    I thought we would bloom,
    But you brought me gloom.
    I am going be paint myself from now on.
    But first things first; you need to be gone,
    For me to be myself and go on…

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