Wise Pick For 4 March

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 4 March. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchLove Lee
Alchemy of the Heart.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchEil Anna

The Alchemy of Love.
Its priceless so why complicate!

Wise Pick For 4 MarchRinku Shah

This magical potion.
Is nothing but a concoction,
Of emotions and devotion.
In the right proportion!

Wise Pick For 4 MarchPhyllis Snider Boyer

The perfect mixture
for love is immeasurable.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchAnjana Surendran

Half from within and half
from around love is created with self will.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchMonica Sharma

Recipe for a loving heart is self respect
and kindness in the right proportion.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchSheena Gupta

Attraction mixed with attachment
is the perfect recipe for everlasting love.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchSiony Benemerito McCor

Energy sparks
with the right amount of heat,
When love and dedication
poured in a perfect mix.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchShilpika Bagh

“Fill” your heart with love and care;
to “light” up your life forever.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchShana Pascoe

Emotional chemistry
is the best way to fill your heart!

Wise Pick For 4 MarchRational Akrofi Akuffo

With the right dosage
of love and warmth
the heart blossoms.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchJean Jackson

Be the chemist of your life!
People are like Ingredients
Mix well before you pour them
into your heart

Wise Pick For 4 MarchSulekha Pande

Mix the right amount of
sunshine and emotions
for a heart full of love.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchFelicia Renteria-Holmes

Only the proper recipe for care,
can generate enough love to share.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchKym Kaye-Muscat

The right chemistry
fill our hearts, minds and souls.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchFaith Dunsmuir

Together we’ve created love.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchKamlesh Bhasin

To brew the concoction of love,
be an alchemist of integrity,
kindness and virtue
to fill an innocent heart!

Wise Pick For 4 MarchIlda Coelho

Matters of the heart,
a potion made out of the brain’s chemistry.

Wise Pick For 4 MarchMinita Khanchandani

A little hope and a little faith
is all you need
to brew the magic potion of love

Wise Pick For 4 MarchKufre Stephens

Love is a mutual cocktail
of shared happiness and sacrifice!

Wise Pick For 4 MarchVibha Nasheen

One portion of you,
one portion of me
and that’s it – perfect love!

Wise Pick For 4 MarchCarol Baptista Ambagan

Love is the perfect solution

Wise Pick For 4 MarchS.priya

The perfect balance of chemistry
leads to the perfect kind of love,
Where Each love
consists of different stuff.


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