Wise Pick For 31 May

Shilpika Bagh 

Plug in for a ‘read’;
to recharge your ‘mind’.

Marjie Yule Davitt 

A drained brain always
excels with a good book.

Anuradha Rajagopal 

Books are like good friends
to keep you well connected
and fully charged to enjoy life
with a smile.

Dolby Dharma 

Plug your mind into
a great book.

Ashish Verma 

Books are the best ingredient
for a healthy and recharged mind.

Ashish Verma 

Plug your mind to the
vast knowledge a book has,
for self development.

Sherry Greene 

Connect with a good book.
It illuminates your brain.

Shana Pascoe 

The mind’s favorite
secret place is easily plugged
into the best book,
all you need is a connection.

Jackie De Klerk 

To disconnect your mind
from the knowledge gained
by books, will be the biggest
mistake of your life.

Ankita Ojha 

Connect with books,
Unplug from world and
light your mind.

Frances McCabe 

Books provide knowledge
that is food for the brain.

Sherilyn Campbell 

Recharge your brain
with a good book.

Oril Otares 

The mind can only be
nourished by feeding it
with noble truths
from good books.
Real blessedness
comes by reading.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon 

Books are food for the brain.
Stay connected.

Aditi Kamboj 

Every time you connect
your brain with the books,
your soul gets revived and
rejuvenates you into a
better version of yourself.

Srividya Bharatrajan 

Once you connect your mind
with the books that you enjoy
to read it will make you realize
that life is too short to drink in
all the good books that the
world has to offer.

Beena Baburajan

Connect your brain
to the power of reading.

Shweta Yadav 

Stick to good books as it can
broaden your thoughts
and nurture your mind.

Kheens M Desierto

Plug your brain in books and
your knowledge will nourish.

Byanjeru Sharon

Recharge your brain
with books.

Subhashish Mund 

The recharge point of brain.

Nerisha Kemraj Ramjiwan

Recharge your brain and
read a book. Knowledge is power.


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