Wise Pick For 29 November

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 29 November. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Dianah Mumbeja
True love looks beyond
what our eyes can see.

Laura Smith
Souls recognize each other
from the way they feel,
not the way they look.

Matilde Couto
True connection happens from within.
Close your eyes and feel.

Lisa El-Lakis
When the masks come off,
we are one.

Rain Rain
True love looks through
every mask
and reveals your true self.

Ashish Verma
Let’s bare our souls and
connect on a profound level.

Lesli Joiner Sturm
It is only when
we remove our masks
that we can truly connect
with one another.

Preethi Sourirajan
Drop our masks and
connect via souls.

Deepti Ahuja
Unveiling facial mask
is essential for soul connection.

Leta Marie DeMello
Authentic connection happens
when we remove the mask
and allow our soul to speak.

Sonali Malhotra
Seeing each other
beyond face
is the place
where the souls connect.

Selina Hafiz
Connecting with inner souls
reveals who we truly are.

Surendra Mahindrakar
True picture is beyond faces.
Read that, respect that as is.
This is real love.

Debra Pry
My soul loved you
before I saw you.

Shilpika Bagh
The ‘mask’ will fall one day;
be the ‘real’ you
for each other any day.

Wayne Kelley
Removing your masks
to show your inner selves
can be both freeing and liberating.

Lynn Laveau Lund
When both in a relationship
can remove their masks
and bare their souls,
forever is inevitable.

Bob Dee
Trusting you enough
to show you
what’s behind the mask.

Sulekha Pande
In you,
I found my universe,
in you,
I found my reality.
With you,
I bared my soul.

Pelumi Samuel
Taking off your fake identity
and being your true self.

Showcasing the inner self
just to be together.

Maryam Siddiqi
It’s not the faces
that attract each other,
it’s the souls.

Brooke Smith
Take your mask off darling.
Let me speak to your soul within.

Let’s remove our masks
to the world and be real.


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