Wise Pick for 22 September

wise pick 25sep

wise pick 25sep1Jackie De Klerk
And that’s the thing about relationships, we share pieces of ourselves to complete one another.

wise pick 25sep2Bob Dee
Giving parts of each other make us more than whole for one another

wise pick 25sep3Sherilyn Campbell
When you complete each other you are meant to be together.

wise pick 25sep4Sulekha Pande
The missing parts of our souls
are filled by our soulmates

wise pick 25sep5Leta Marie DeMello
In the beauty of human diversity, it is very possible that we each hold the solution to another’s sense of brokenness

wise pick 25sep6Monica Mishra
We put each other’s pieces tight,
To fix our puzzles right.

wise pick 25sep7Sherry Greene
We can grow to understand one another,
A little at a time, bit by bit.

wise pick 25sep8Anne Abarollo
A love that fills up the missing pieces of one another is a kind of love that last a lifetime.

wise pick 25sep9Annette Hawkins
To have a good relationship we must realize we are all broken and each of us contain the missing part to help fix each other

wise pick 25sep10Maria Ferns
Our imperfection define our togetherness,
We complete each other’s loneliness.

wise pick 25sep11Faith Dunsmuir
Finding love has consisted of putting all the prices together. Loving you means completing that puzzle.

wise pick 25sep12Rush Rush
True love is when two people stay together despite their differences and fills the lacking of each other instead of breaking

wise pick 25sep13Pauline Ebijimi
We are filled with different patches in our lives and there is always some piece missing, which can only be fill by our soul mate

wise pick 25sep14Rinku Shah
We are all a little broken,
But with love as a token…
We can mend each other,
And be together!

wise pick 25sep15Carmen Flick
The tapestry of our Lives is more complete when two people join as one.

wise pick 25sep16Debra Rollaine
A good relationship is about protecting our partner’s weaknesses by offering them our strengths.

wise pick 25sep17Rational Akrofi Akuffo
Finding a soulmate is the surest way to having your pieces fixed.

wise pick 25sep18Ashish Verma
Love is to complete each other’s flaws piece by piece and be whole and perfect for one another.

wise pick 25sep19MaryEllen Fierst Staats
When you give a piece of yourself you take a piece of another. Use those pieces to rebuild and grow

wise pick 25sep20Ibe Omanu
Without us coming together to fix our missing part we cannot be complete.

wise pick 25sep21Mai Quesada
Just a part of you suffices to patch up the brokenness in my whole being and makes me whole again!

wise pick 25sep22Cory Cory
Relationships are about give and take, we can learn about each other by giving bit by bit day by day

wise pick 25sep23Kangan Monga
Pieces of yours and mine, enriches us to be better version of ourselves.

wise pick 25sep24Nicos Nicola
You’ve stolen my heart, I’ll take your pain

wise pick 25sep25Shilpika Bagh
When we find “peace”; in making each other “complete”

wise pick 25sep26Carol Downey Dawson
Share a piece of yourself with those who will treasure it.

wise pick 25sep27Juleah
It takes two parts to make us whole.

wise pick 25sep28Geetika Panwar
Let’s fix each other.

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