Wise Pick For 21 October

wise pick 24oct

Sangeeta Dhindaw Vasishth
Do not cage your child
in your unfulfilled dreams.

Carisia Switala
We depart
the joy of childhood
only to find ourselves caged
in the adult,
we didn’t see coming.

Maria Ferns
You are the architect to your life,
grow up
keeping the child alive.

Sam Titi Pudumo
Let the young
grow unperturbed by a
parent’s expectations.
Lest we raise
broken future adults.

Shana Pascoe
Inside the framework,
the child hides,
dreams of yesterday
peering from his mind.

Sandra Beiersdorfer
I feel trapped in my adult body,
I wish I could be a child again
to play and dream.

Nc Dash
All we grow old.
Some of us grow up.
But the child inside all of us
lies lurking for innocent pleasure.

Abhijit Mondal
We all have a child
trapped inside us
who is waiting to be
cheerful again.

Wanda Thomson
Despite being told
to grow up far too soon,
our inner child remains within,
waiting for us to rediscover it
once again.

Lyn Coffey- Emerling
Little child with trauma,
caged in an adult body.

Helene Leanos
Inside every man
is a little boy
waiting to get out.

Linda Mansolf
We all have an inner child
locked inside of ourselves.

Shirley Finley
Give the child
the love and patience
to grow into the man
he will become.

Barbara Bauer
Take time to discover
as a child.
Do not grow up too soon.

Shilpika Bagh
Don’t confine them in your ‘mold’;
let them explore their little world
on their “own”

Debra Rollaine
Inside every man
there’s a little boy
that wants to come out and play.

Dolores O’Donnell-Fanning
The child of wonder
is encased in the armor of
adult preoccupation.

Pam Schaffer
Children can sometimes wonder
why they feel caged in
by their guardians.

Jayne Euteneuer
The building of man
starts in childhood.
Take care of the scaffolding.

Lenie Palm
Most children today
are forced to be
grown up to survive.

Jackie Zedalis
A child put in a man’s shoe
is most likely bound to lose.
Let him be the boy he is
and a man when the time is his.

Gilberto Reyes
Nourish the boy’s mind of today,
for he would be
the man of tomorrow.

wise pick 24oct23Maria Salud
whose framework is
that of a grown-up one.

wise pick 24oct24Julie Ryderis Carnelly
Just a child trapped
in an adults body.

Mark Leonel Ladisla
Caged in the man
they want me to become.

wise pick 24oct26Prachi Pandey
Let childhood be childhood.
Don’t take responsibility for
growing up.

Dyuti Bhattacharyya
The child caged
inside the minds of men,
is it too late to set him free!?

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