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Wise Pick For 19 March

Wise Pick 22 march

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 19 March. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchAndrea Morgan
Without instruction, today’s childish games
Become tomorrow’s adult pains

Wise Pick For 19 MarchSheena Gupta

The child will not learn what he’s told,
he will learn what he watches.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchAnjana Surendran

What’s inculcated in childhood turns
out a habit in later days

Wise Pick For 19 MarchYasser Abaavoi Kwasi Ibrahim

What a child sees he grows up to imitate it.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchMartha Mandaric

A child emulates their parent,
what do you want them to grow up to be?

Wise Pick For 19 MarchJoe Rodgers

Childhood memories often become
adult nightmares.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchKim DeCocco-Sharon

Children learn what they live..
teach them to empower, not to abuse power.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchAdrainenne Monique Gordon

Children imitating their environment.
Watch what you say and do.
All that you teach may not have a positive effect.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchRuby Jain

Parenting is all about reliving,
so be watchful of your steps as it
counts all your actions.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchShubha Bhandarkar

Sign of great parenting does not lie
in the child’s behaviour,
Sign of truly great parenting lies
in the parent’s behaviour!

Wise Pick For 19 MarchAshish Verma

What children do today as leisure will reflect
in their activities tomorrow for real.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchDarshan Marlecha

Our powers can either mend or
bend things, use them wisely.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchCeona Chambers

What they see today,
they will reenact tomorrow

Wise Pick For 19 MarchSherry Greene

Children mimic what they learn
from their caretakers.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchKamlesh Bhasin

The casted images of your actions,
on the wall, will disappear, but not the fear from the mind of your pet,
as soon as the lights will switch on……..!

Wise Pick For 19 MarchJahnveeTheSeekingSoul

There is no power in overpowering the helpless,
be mindful of what you are teaching your children,
they follow your footsteps!!

Wise Pick For 19 MarchDivya Jain

When violence and fun appear similar,
the scene is worth giving serious thought
and not just ignorant laughter.

Wise Pick For 19 MarchRocio Gallardo-Jimenez

You are a product of your environment

Wise Pick For 19 MarchKarthik Parthasarathy

The genesis of domestic abuse.

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