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Wise Pick For 15 March

Wise Pick 18 March

Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 15 March. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchVibha Nasheen

Caged within!

Wise Pick For 15 MarchJoe Rodgers

She was restricted by the complexities of life,
but when she opened the door to her inner self… she was free.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchRational Akrofi Akuffo

It takes sufficient courage to
overcome the limiting belief within.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchKathie Mickee

One day I will find myself and
release the barriers that are holding me back.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchLaura Goulart

Sometimes we create our own prisons.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchMartha Mandaric

Feeling trapped in our own bodies
allows us to see our inner self more clearly

Wise Pick For 15 MarchAnjali Arora

The soul is tied by nobody but yourself only…
To be untangled by your inner strength only.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchPayal Kantharia

You get trapped in your own set of thoughts and boundaries!

Wise Pick For 15 MarchSuzanne Hoad

The walls I built to keep others out have also become
a prison that keeps me locked in…..

Wise Pick For 15 MarchWayne Kelley

When in self-isolation,
take that time to reflect on your inner self.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchSheela P M

Strive and thrive to unwire urself and march out daringly
for a new free life with a fire to inspire many lives.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchPam Schaffer

Look deep inside to free from self-binding.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchVictoria Kaylor

Trapped by the thorns of an unforgiving world.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchDebra Pry

A heart held hostage by the past,
will never love again.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchUma Pramanik

We confine ourselves with our own barriers.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchRaul Longoria

We’re prisoners of our own existence

Wise Pick For 15 MarchAshley Baker

She’s bound by all her trials on the outside,
but rediscovering her inner self.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchJudy Razink

Your inner self will save you
from anyone trying to tie you down.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchRebecca Mistich Covell

We all feel bound at some time
but the person inside is stronger than we think.

Wise Pick For 15 Marchangel

We are chained by the ethos of the society.

Wise Pick For 15 MarchAayush Soni

Mind and heart both fasten just for the sake
of so-called family “SOCIETY”

Wise Pick For 15 MarchPatricia Burtescu

‘Chained by wires of wring beliefs,
we turn to our inner self, going within’

Wise Pick For 15 Marchanshu

A caged(confident) bird lies inside me waiting
patiently to fly high and freely

Wise Pick For 15 MarchAastha Arya

Confined to the wired chains of reality that
got myself entwined in shriek of duality.

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