Wise Pick For 13 Sepetember

wise pick 16 sep

wise pick 16 sep1Christine Pudney 
With each day that passes,
we are closer to returning
to the dust we came from.

wise pick 16 sep2Sulekha Pande
Bit by bit,
grain by grain,
we turn,
ashes to ashes
dust to dust.
Instead of grieving,
live our lives,
we must.

wise pick 16 sep3Annette Hawkins
Make powerful memories in your life
as with each grain of sand
that flows through the hourglass.

wise pick 16 sep4Leta Marie DeMello
Our ultimate gift
will expire at ashes.
So live life fully
as the time passes.

wise pick 16 sep5Gift Phiri Jr.
You are a woman of beauty.
But with time
your beauty fades
and the flower
within you wither.

wise pick 16 sep6Ashish Verma
Human life is ephemeral
like sand in an hourglass.
Make the most out of it
before your time
finally runs out.

wise pick 16 sep7Beena Baburajan
No one gets out
of the hourglass alive.
Enjoy every moment.
Evolve into your best version,
when you touch the base.

wise pick 16 sep8Debra Pry
Don’t let life slip
through your hands,
Like grains of sand.
It’s all about
the memories you make
and the ones that you take.

wise pick 16 sep9Laura Smith
Don’t just sit there waiting
when your time is nearly up.
Life is precious
so make every minute count,
right to the very end.

wise pick 16 sep10Polly Smith
My life is slipping away
like the sand in an hourglass.
It seems the less time
you have left,
the quicker it goes.

wise pick 16 sep11Joan Lerman
Like sands in an hourglass,
our time here slips away
and is always gone too soon.
Make the most of every moment.

wise pick 16 sep12Lee Smith
You think you have time
but you don’t.
So don’t sit around contemplating life.
Get out and live it.

wise pick 16 sep12Nathan Robinson
Grain by grain
we lose our time.
Don’t recline,
while time declines.

wise pick 16 sep14Frances McCabe
one is so preoccupied
they don’t realize
time is slipping away
only to wake one day
and wonder,
where all the time has gone.

wise pick 16 sep15Kelli Naylor
Each chapter in life
seems to slip quickly
through an hourglass.
we tend to forget
a new beginning
is a mere flip of the wrist.

wise pick 16 sep16Swapnil Mane
We are dying with the time.

wise pick 16 sep17Maya Thorpe 
Time slowly drains us
as it quickly fades away.

wise pick 16 sep18Rishika chourasiya 
Don’t let yourself sink
down with time.

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