Wise Pick For 12 November

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Wise Pick For 12 NovemberLolakshi Lohar
It is the soul wearing a face.
The soul remains.
The face vanishes.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberSulekha Pande
Have a connection with your soul,
communicate with yourself more.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberMai Quesada
Let your soul speak
with the masks
you portray of yourself.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberBeena Baburajan
You and your beautiful soul
cannot be masked forever.
Fuel your soul to uncover.
Your true authentic beauty.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberMary Kirkpatrick
The soul within is our essence,
shining forth with luminescence.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberAshish Verma
When you carry your soul
on your face,
each word spoken
will be of utmost grace.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberDebra Pry
If only
people could see souls
instead of faces.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberNoor Fatima
Your face reflects your soul.
Make it beautiful and look beautiful.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberPhyllis Snider Boyer
Look past my flesh
and into my soul,
for there you will find
my true beauty.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberShilpika Bagh
The ‘facade’ will fall one day;
be pure as the ‘soul’ to stay.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberRational Akrofi Akuffo
True beauty is uncovered
when a fragile soul is
handled with love and care.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberLeta Marie DeMello
Through a face of authenticity,
a soul is made visible.
Anything short
is no more than a mask.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberJosa Eco Cruz
Putting up a facade
won’t work forever,
but a good soul
will last forevermore.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberJeanette Amaya
It’s not faces
we remember,
it’s their souls.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberBambi Na
There’s no way to mask a soul
for it will be revealed
after all.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberNc Dash
Make-believe the face
portrays the soul.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberPayal Hore
Body is time-bound,
but its the soul
which remains infinity.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberPreeti Menon
My beauty lies
not on the features
but what my soul reflects.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberShanthi Priya
Faces are merely masks.
Let’s start looking at people
as pure souls.

Wise Pick For 12 Novembereccentric
Face is the reflection of soul.
And the connection
is felt with the heart.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberJulie Ryderis Carnelly
So much on my mind
yet my face bares my soul.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberHamras Mhd
Not a pretty face
but a pretty soul.

Wise Pick For 12 NovemberLisa Mitcheli
Look past the face
to see the soul.

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