What Does Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Money Management Style?

Zodiac Sign Says About Money Management Style

In ancient Rome, everything from powerful government positions to money lending was based on an individual’s zodiac sign. 

While such certifiably insane approaches to critical decisions is fortunately no longer the norm, Zodiac still remains widely practiced and followed by millions across the globe, often providing surprisingly accurate takes on personalities, characteristics, and entire life trajectories.

Knowing and understanding your zodiac signs can help uncover a great deal of traits, some of which you are yet to discover. 

So, whether you’re a penny-pinching Virgo, or a spendthrift Saggitarius, this article has a lot to offer, and can help you better understand your own money and spending habits.

1. Aries – Impulsive Spender

Being first among the Zodiacs, Aries tends to be impulsive and spontaneous. A trait that serves them well in a number of other areas, but also makes them particularly prone to overspending. 

Aries also tend to be overly competitive, leading them to spend money excessively, just to keep up appearances among peers.

2. Taurus – Practical & Sensible

Taureans are known for being practical and sensible in most matters, particularly when it comes to their money. 

Even though they are enamored by the good life, they never sacrifice financial stability to go after impulse purchases.

3. Gemini – Spends On Experiences

Far from the flashy, status-driven spending of Aries, Gemini’s do spend excessively, but mostly on experiences, rather than things.

They love exploring exotic new locations and are often foodies who struggle to put a price tag on socializing with friends and family. A trait that often leaves them prone to overspending, sending their financial goals for a toss.

4. Cancer – Emotional Spenders

Emotional beings to the core, this trait is very well reflected even in their spending and financial management. 

Cancers often spend money on things that make them feel good, and as a result, are prone to impulse purchases when they feel increasingly emotional, stressed, or anxious.

5. Leo – Generous Spender

The most generous among the Zodiac signs, Leos are known to go beyond their means, in order to treat friends and family, while being just as likely to bring joy to those who are less fortunate, often in the form of charitable donations.

A virtuous trait, no doubt, but just as likely to lead to financial mismanagement, excessive spending, and the potential to be taken advantage of, if they aren’t too careful.

6. Virgo – Frugal & Analytical

A Zodiac sign that is most likely to retire a millionaire, and win the financial battle in life, Virgo’s are known for their frugality and practicality, often at the expense of being considered misers.

They are usually the friend that actively manages their own equity portfolio while jumping on the low-rates environment in recent years, when refinancing student loans were made easy

7. Libra – Balanced Spender

As with most things pertaining to Libra, they are balanced when it comes to spending, neither penny-pinchers who annoy those around them, nor the reckless spend-thrifts with no savings to fall back on during uncertainties.

Libra’s aim to make the most of their money, by enjoying the present within their means, while also planning for their futures. 

8. Scorpio – Secretive Spender

Scorpio’s are known for their secrecy, a character trait that also extends to their spending and finances. They are rarely forthcoming when it comes to their finances, often leaving even their partners, friends, and close family members in the lurch.

They are largely balanced in their spending and saving habits, but they are also less trusting of others, which leaves them unwilling to invest their money in productive assets, or on the advice of professionals.

9. Sagittarius – Big Spenders

While not being particularly impulsive, or prone to emotional spending, Sagittarians in general tend to be big spenders. 

They are also more likely to indulge in ostentatious displays of wealth, with luxury cars, electronic gadgets, and more, that don’t always possess much utility.

Final Words 

After extensive studies, Zodiacs have been known to match the traits of their respective natives to a great extent. It’s worth noting, however, that none of this is set in stone, and nothing can stand in the way of sheer human will. 


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