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What Are the Healing Properties of Opalite?


Opalite is a man-made stone known by several names, including Opalized Fluorite, Purple Opal, and Tiffany stone. This subtle yet greatly energetic piece of glass has spiritual healing abilities and facilitates the release of blocked energy from chakras and meridians.

Today, we’ll be discussing several key facts about Opalite, including its healing properties. In this way, you’ll have a clearer idea of whether or not you want to incorporate this beautiful synthetic gem into your soul charms.

Healing Benefits of Opalite

Unlike numerous popular crystals, Opalite is a synthetic gemstone made from glass. For this reason, its meaning for spiritual purposes varies considerably from the earth’s naturally-occurring stones.

As with all stones made artificially, Opalite is typically used for life challenges that are more straightforward. These are the areas where it’s known to be most beneficial:

1. Strength, Confidence, and Self-Worth

The Opalite is often called the “talisman of personal power” because of its ability to boost self-esteem, as well as improve feelings of self-worth. Together, these two approving qualities may also bring forth the quality of inner strength in an individual or uncover his buried feelings. Whichever happens, one will feel his or her emotional burden lighten significantly.

Where the emotional aspect of one’s life is concerned, Opalite can be immensely beneficial. It’s a powerful stone that facilitates transitions, particularly during times of great change. Nevertheless, whether you’re going through major or minor changes, you’ll find that there are less anxiety and stress in your life thanks to the Opalite.

2. Spiritual Communication

We’re often told to get in touch with our spiritual side. Unfortunately, meditation doesn’t come as easily for some as it does for others. Those who find it difficult to link with their spiritual side can seek help from Opalite jewelry.

When combined with the Blue Peruvian Opal, this gemstone can open up the third chakra, which is the chakra of insight, vision, and intuition. It can also stimulate visions and enhance psychic abilities when placed over the crown chakra. These are the ways in which opalite strengthens spiritual connection and communication.

With communication enhanced on a spiritual level, how do you deal with the signs and visions from the spiritual realm? Yet again, Opalite has got you covered on that aspect. The energies of this man-made stone can help interpret the messages you receive from the other world.

3. Moods

Additionally, Opalite also helps balance the yin and yang energies within you, aligning them with your higher self. As such, it may stabilize your mood swings and remove the blockages in your meridians and chakras.

This may lead to a healthier balance between female and male energies in terms of passive and active emotions, dark and light aspects, and daytime and nighttime energies. Again, this ties into the stone’s ability to heal one’s emotions.

4. Sleeping Troubles

If you frequently have trouble sleeping or are constantly plagued by nightmares, Opalite is here to come to your rescue. This synthetic crystal claims to have the ability to calm the heart and regulate irregular heartbeats. It may also support lung functions and healthy oxygenation of the body.

5. Wealth

Also called a Merchant Stone, Opalite may have the power to help you accomplish business success. It can also be beneficial for manifesting wealth and material affluence. This ties into its ability to improve communication, which lets you make deeper connections with the people who work with and under you. Now, doesn’t that make for much smoother business dealings?

6. Love and Relationship

Where Opalite becomes particularly beneficial for love and relationships is when a big change is about to happen. Whether you’re on the precipice of a big career change or planning to reevaluate your life goals completely, Opalite can help you deal with the situation better. It aids greatly in the decision-making process and helps facilitate smoother transitions if it does come to that point.

Moreover, Opalite helps rid your mind of any fears or worries. It encourages you to welcome the unknown with open arms and embrace it fully.

7. Sex

Indeed, sex is a problem for many. Whether it’s not being able to find the drive, a lack of confidence, or complete disinterest, there are many reasons individuals struggle with sexual intimacy. In most cases, issues surrounding the “lack of sex” stem from a severe lack of confidence and self-worth.

Opalite encourages sexual prowess and enhances sexual drive. It does this by increasing your self-esteem and boosting your self-worth. When you feel good and confident about yourself, you start seeing yourself in the context of sexually intimate situations, and this manifests in your outward behavior and appeal.

8. Physical Appearance

While Opalite doesn’t do nearly as much as plastic surgery at improving your physical appearance, it does have a way to make you feel good about yourself. It just looks so beautiful that it can make you feel you’re beautiful just by wearing it. And we all know how powerful the mind is.

Opalite has a uniqueness in its shine that is unlike other naturally-occurring stones. This is what earned it the name Tiffany’s stone, which is in reference to the famous jewelry store in Manhattan that wraps their products in blue wrapping. It has also been dubbed as the “Ice Cream” stone because of the distinctive coolness of its look. You can see how both these nicknames would bring joy and beauty to a person wearing Opalite jewelry.

9. Mental Strength

Opalite can bestow upon you focus and clearness of mind. Even if there are so many things keeping your mind occupied, you’d still be able to concentrate on what’s most important—love, family, and blessings.

Healing With Opalite

Many of us don’t just wear jewelry for the sake of wearing something pretty. These days, we want our accessories to have meaning and purpose. Wearing charms or other pieces of jewelry that have Opalite can help us achieve this.

Opalite’s benefits go beyond its appearance and outward appeal. What really makes it stand out is its intrinsic advantages. It has the power to heal you from within, so you may manifest that healing outwardly.

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