Here Is The Truth: People Are The Most Important Things

Here Is The Truth People Are The Most Important Things That Will Ever Happen To You

“Here is the truth: people are the most important things that will ever happen to you. So while you are busy trying to build a life, fighting for your goals, hustling for those dreams – do not neglect the importance of building an army worth fighting beside you. Nothing great was ever done alone. Nothing great can be done alone. And nothing great is ever worth ending up alone. Value your relationships because it is people that will sustain you, it is people that will make life worth every piece of shit it inevitably throws at you. More than a brimming bank account, fame, or prestige – believe me, it is people that you’ll need.”

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  1. Suzan Bondi Avatar

    Once again you spoilt the whole message with totally unesscessary foul language. ‘SHIT’ is faeces, excrement, poo, !!!! WHY descend into the toilet ??? Why ????

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