To the girl who’ll always have my heart


It was as if the world finally opened its doors and gave me the chance to fall for someone. Unexpectedly it was you. I never really understood why I fell for you, my friends too, wondered. They always tell me that you have the look, but not at the level of “pretty”for me to like you, not that “sexy” as society standardized for people to be liked. It gave me a nagging question to be thought of everyday in my life.

But you see, it wasn’t your face that I was looking at. It was your mesmerizing round orbs, how it lures my heart every time I stare at them through my eyes. Now I know that you’ll never be pretty, because you’ll never be able remove that crown of being beautiful. It wasn’t your body that got my attention so I could scan your body in search of finding the perfect mold that the society set. It was the way you moved so freely around people, so alluring.

I still remember how you caught my slight interest with the team, how a good looking appearance face something so difficult, but dang, I underestimated you. That slight interest became an attention, then bam! you left me there breathless by watching you.

I still remember the day I got my first heart break, It was because of you. Cold air nipping my cheeks, musical instruments playing and slightly out of tune voice of our team mate echoing in my ears. The numerous alcohol shots gave me the strength to finally approach you, to tell you how I feel about you for the past weeks, days that has been fading, but before I could do that, I was too late.

You were already taken, but it was so unbelievably funny that I was few weeks too late.

Was the world sending me a message that I’m not the right one for you? or am I the right person but had the wrong timing?

I really don’t know how stupid I look because of my hearty eyes every time I watch you. How stupid I look every time my lips curl as I stare at you, I was stupid, so stupid, I don’t know how stupid I am to let you slip away.

I hope that someday I can finally have you, but for now, all I can do is watch you from the distance, admiring, managing to ignore your electrifying touch as our team huddles close unexpectedly pushing you closer to me.

Remember that those few moments we had, those slight touches our skin made, how my arm briefly wrapped itself around your waist, I’ll hold onto those dearly. Even if for you it doesn’t have any significance.

Remember that every time you want to feel loved, I’ll always be here to treat you like a queen you’re supposed to be treated.

Remember that if you needed someone to comfort you, I’ll always have my arms wide open ready for you.

Remember that you’ll always have my heart, even if there wasn’t an “us.”

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