Time Is Running Out, Hold On To What You Have

Time Is Running Out, Hold On To What You Have
Laina Guivarra 

Time is running out,
hold on to what you have

Sam Titi Pudumo 

Capture moments 
and not time.

Rinku Shah 

Life is made up of 
special moments 
that make life worth living
Many of these slip away 
in the fast pace 
and stress of daily life.
Slow down, 

remember how precious it is 
to be alive 
and be able to love!

Jaimie Mazzone 

Once you realize time is an illusion, 
you will stop looking at the clock 
and start enjoying each moment 
so it doesn’t pass us by.

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Time is bound to slip away
Can’t really have it any other way
How ever hard we try to hold it
It will escape us and get on with it
Make use of it now in the present
Or we will only be left to resent.

Hrisha Paul 

I couldn’t stop the time 
from slipping away.
You came to my support 
during the sole journey, 
both of us tried.
And all the melted moments 
became the manuscript 
of our journey.

Sherry Greene 

The illusion of time 
is like holding water in your hands. 
It eventually slips through your fingers.

Anjana Surendran 

For absence may force us 
to hold each other close 
and fullness overwhelms 
our togetherness
“Absence of time is fullness of time!”

Ramya Raghuraman 

Time spills faster 
when we are together

Pratik Khadatare 

Time will pass and you will never know 
how much you lost

Sulekha Pande

My time is over,
my work is done,
now it’s your turn
to take over,
you’re the new generation

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