Think before you speak, let your words matter

Rinku Shah 
Think before you speak,
It’s not a faucet leak.
Let your words matter,
Not be mindless chatter.


Ghislain Letourneau 
Words have power 
Think before you speak


Shell Kirkwood 
To have a voice, 
you must engage your mind


Karthik Parthasarathy 
What I think, I speak,
Thats what I thought I did.
Realized not to be, not at all times,
Those times the connection was off.
Mind not controlling the mouth,
Rambling on and on and on,
On or off, which is more?
I don’t think I know.


Sarrvesh Waran 
Words fail me as I try to speak.
I guess the plug is loose 
or maybe the connection is weak.
Due to unknown emotional reasons, 
I think.
I wish to say the right words 
but what if words leak.
I can’t trust myself, 
when my emotions are at the peak.


Sarrvesh Waran 
At times, I fail to speak 
for the right words I can’t seem to find.
And at times, I speak to please 
and not what’s in my mind.


Sulekha Pande 
Thinking before,
you say anything,
is better than,
regretting your
disconnected words,


-Chukwudi Ikpeama 
Wisdom is a measure 
of our spoken words. 
Hence, the ability to speak 
should be accompanied with 
the ability to think


Wambaire Andrea – Ceaser 
Before running your mouth, 
plug in your brain.


Karthik Parthasarathy 
Mind powering the mouth,
Best place to be,
When the connection cuts off,
I stop being me.


Anna Marie Brown 
Plug into the mind 
to filter my words. 
Words hurt. 
Think before I speak


Nuhrez Khan 
The difference between 
what you mean 
and what you say.


Parul Govil Chatterjee 
Loose connection = Mindless conversations


Dee Clark 
Sometimes I wish 
I could just speak my mind.


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