Ten Minutes of Calmness: Benefits of Meditation for Writers

Benefits of Meditation for Writers

Most people believe that meditation is when you sit with closed eyes on the carpet imagining rhythmic slap of the waves at the beach. It sounds alluring but “waves” is just a way to becalm one’s consciousness but not meditation practices. It’s true that a person relaxes while meditating but the point is that your brain is not crawling idly somewhere in the outskirts of consciousness (as it does during yoga).

Some first-timers regard meditation as a magic pill to solve all life problems. Unfortunately, such an approach to meditation is entirely wrong. 

So, what is meditation? It is a set of practices to observe the inner flow of personal thoughts. A person who meditates gets the opportunity to understand the background of the inner self, their dearest, job, and hobbies. Figuratively speaking, it is time when you delete bugs from your soul and reinstall it from the very beginning. Check the list of recommendations from professional writers service where you can buy essay cheap.

Should Writers Meditate? — Certainly!

Well, we have discussed the notion of meditation. However, have you ever guessed that meditation is extremely helpful for people who cooperate with their imagination to create masterpieces on paper, i.e. writers? The only thing is to practice it properly. This theme requires further discussion, agree?

The brain of a writer is a busy place. It generates hundreds of ideas to start or finish composing something. It resembles a cluttered attic of a house that gets enriched with new things day by day. It may turn into a useless junkyard if let events take their course. 

As a writer, you realize that from time to time this business causes troubles; you get roped in exceedingly many directions. The writer feels frustrated in case ideas don’t come and, finally, they start experiencing a “writer’s block.”

In order to avoid those problems, a writer should clean their mind in order to move further to composing another successful piece of art. Meditation is considered the best remedy of a repertoire of other remedies.

Get Rid of Writer’s Block

The majority of writers believe that turning off constantly chattering mind is the best solution to reinvigorate the process of writing and getting cheerful ideas bubbling up in their head again. While sitting in silence and meditating, writers replace their “to do list” fussily spinning around inside their mind with the rhythmic breathing. This calm breathing destroys obstacles that interfere with the inspiration to move from the brain to the page. Chaos in your head evaporates due to meditation practices!

While meditating, you can:

  • trust your capability to search for instructions and wisdom that exists within each of us;
  • interpret intuitive ideas as quite concrete answers to some situations you desire to reveal in your writing;
  • examine your own imagination that makes it possible to gain potential discovering personal unlimited possibilities.

Find Your “Own” Voice with Meditation

Benefits of Meditation for Writers

Ravening reading is a must to become a skilled writer. Reading other authors is considered a way writers get inspiration and strong motivation to develop their own brilliant works. But it’s quite a tricky thing.

In order not to follow the voice of other authors but take on their “own” voice, you should set up a barrier between those phenomena. The point is that it is really wonderful to practice other voices and styles but only as a way to find their own ones. In this case, meditation is a perfect solution to discover inner self and practice it.

Stick to the following scheme:

  • Read some writing of an author that is your role model and whose works badly inspire you;
  • Take a break to meditate (top performance is when you stop hearing the phone ring and the police sirens outside);
  • While meditating, you should try to enjoy sincerely the solitude and feel that moment when it refreshes your soul and fills it with creativity;
  • Following the path of solitude, you will discover your “true voice” that will help you to write a memoir or a literary masterpiece that sells a million copies.

Optimize Concentration and Memory Function

Writers who regularly practice meditation for more than a year state that it improves memory function and the ability to concentrate. These two factors are crucial for a “D-grade” writer to become a bright-minded “A-grade” one.

Sometimes you have no opportunity to write down a sudden great idea when you are out. You come home, open your laptop, and realize that you forgot that idea. Most writers feel extreme disappointment when such a thing happens. Meditation makes you feel like Sherlock Holmes and inspect their mind to recollect some details.

Memory and concentration are two sides of a coin. It may appear that a writer desires to pen something, but they can’t concentrate on that. While sitting and meditating, you start concentrating on what to write instead of what to present for your friend’s birthday.

Moreover, your records become more consistent and flowed compared to those only a few words ago. Finally, this stream of consciousness will create a real masterpiece for you!

Practicing Meditation: Useful Tips

We have already discovered that meditation makes you a better writer. But how they meditate correctly? Let’s read the following tips in order to get the above-mentioned benefits unveiled in this article.

Writers that have been meditating for many years comment that the feeling of entire silence was rarely achieved though it’s a must to meditate effectively.

However, some experts in writing have developed a new approach specifically for writers. Well, a person should not “think about anything” but “listen to nothing.” In practice, this transformation leads to significant optimizations in writing practice. It feels like being connected to some higher source.

Never try to control your mind interfering with thoughts to arise. On the contrary, a writer should wait for them to appear in their mind. Put a pen and paper nearby in order to record everything momentarily. You will definitely come up with insightful and wise ideas that had no chances to appear in the traditional process of thinking. Soon you will get amazed at what marvels flow out under your arm.

So, how to start the procedure itself?

  • Create a relaxed and calm atmosphere (switch off all gadgets that may distract you from meditation, light some candles, buy a comfy carpet);
  • Take your place and literary start listening to silence. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Don’t try to violently stop a flow of thoughts in your mind that appear at the very beginning of meditation procedure. Step by step they will fade into the background;
  • Develop some cheerful intention and believe that the required message may appear in your mind at any moment;
  • If you feel no immediate result, do not hurry anyway. It will definitely come with regular practice.

Writers who are considered meditation gurus share with us that during this process, two options are possible:

  • a writer may start seeing the letters, words, or even phrases that appear in your head;
  • a writer may receive some ideas as if someone dictated them to you.

As soon as you notice that, open your eyes and start writing things. Note that the more hang-loose a writer feels, the more info will pass through their consciousness.

This article doesn’t try to convince you that meditation is the obligatory constituent to turn a person into a master writer. However, if you don’t even try this, it seems you just ignore too much potential that may appear in a doc in your laptop. Distract your creative juices from your brain and let yourself become the best writer you may even imagine.

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