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College and university studies are extremely fruitful times of a person’s life but, at the same time, very challenging. During your college years, you are supposed to make a great leap of growth in knowledge and skills that will be necessary for the future profession you’ve chosen.

So, you are tired of coping with every college assignment on your own and want to write to the search engine “write my paper for me”? Helpers like an essay writing service, Essaybox, often come in handy. The article you’re going to read is the one I, Thomas, composed to let you answer the silent question ‘Is Essaybox trustworthy?’ and reveal how you can benefit from it. 


Essaybox is an online writing service that makes an impression of being reputable and reliable. It claims it can write various types of research papers based on actual research conducted by expert writers. Academic papers of any level are easy to order, and there are plenty of reviews.  

Writing course papers or smaller genres of academic writing from scratch, editing and proofreading your papers, suggesting topics, and even retyping and formatting are available at Essaybox. 


Another important point in seeing if we can consider Essaybox trustworthy is its prices. A good and official service never demands astronomic costs from students but, at the same time, pays its writers well. At Essaybox, we can see how exactly papers of different academic levels are priced. In my humble opinion (and I’ve already seen quite a number of academic helpers), what you pay here is justified. 

For instance, a high school essay with a three-week deadline will cost you nearly $13 per page, whereas an essay for undergraduates with the same deadline is priced at $18 per page. All in all, the cost will depend on a few things: 

  1. Academic level: high school, college, undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. 
  2. Volume of the paper.
  3. Discipline it belongs to. 
  4. How soon it must be ready to be submitted. 

Free services include writing title pages, outlines, and literature sources, formatting, and reviewing student papers. 


The next factor we are looking at to give a comprehensive answer to ‘Is Essaybox trustworthy?’ is what the service can promise. In other words, what it always completes for its customers no matter what. 

To the guarantees of Essaybox belong: 

  • Money-back guarantee. 
  • Protection of clients’ privacy and sensitive data, including this given at the payment stage. 
  • 100% uniqueness of all papers. 
  • Checking academic papers twice for them to meet high standards. 
  • Educated and skillful writers.

So, customer satisfaction is something that’s promised. You are either happy about the order or get the money back to your account. 

Online Reputation

Moving on to real people’s opinions, it is vital to read them and know what to prepare yourself for. So, is Essaybox trustworthy, according to student comments?

Now, there is mostly praise in their comments, along with honest reviews of the service’s drawbacks. Comments include the good and the bad, where the second belongs to long waiting times, writers’ mistakes, and similar. Still, more than 90% of reviews are positive. I analyzed feedback published at several acknowledged review platforms such as, sitejabber, and EssayScamBusters. 

Customer Support

When everything is fine, you can’t test how responsive and loyal a writing service is. Thus, customer support at Essaybox exists to fix mistakes and let customers solve their issues quickly and easily. 

Client support at this service is completed in several ways through a live chat on the website. This is the easiest method to get in touch with the team and let them help you in real time. These methods are also possible for those who prefer to use phone or email. So, is Essaybox trustworthy in terms of solving students’ problems? As reviews and experiences say, yes. 

Offers and Extra Services

🎓 Knowledgeable and skilled writers Along with diplomas and certificates, writers working for Essaybox have a lot of experience
✍️ Wide range of subjects and tasks to order From a high school outline to a Ph.D. dissertation or its separate chapters, – you can order anything 
⏱️ Being always on time   No matter how urgent, essays are written on time
💳 Fair pricesStudents receive excellent content for affordable prices
💰 Protected payments All payment info is under reliable protective  SSL encryption technologies
🖊️ Custom approach to each orderPapers are written from scratch and checked for plagiarism 


After going through the key factors that make a service reliable and worth considering, I can come to the conclusion that Essaybox is one of the places to which you can trust a variety of academic tasks. 

Is trustworthy in terms of payments and data protection? Indeed. Look no further if you want a safe service for completing academic assignments. 

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