5 Social Media Marketing Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know Before

Social Media Marketing Facts

This is the age of marketing, and social media is probably the strongest tool or platform that marketers, irrespective of scale, are banking on. With such a lion’s dominance, even social media is evolving fast with time. Let’s try understanding it with one of the most sparkling social media marketing facts. 

According to Statista, businesses are spending around 270 billion USD in the year 2023 on social media marketing. Moreover, the figures may reach a whopping 300 billion dollars by 2024! 

Are you promoting your business on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn on at regular intervals? 

Then, in that case, you need to sync yourself with the socials’ evolution. The first step to it is to grow awareness. 

Expecting what can you get here?

You are exactly on the right page. 

In this article, we discuss some of the key marketing facts in social media that we bet you didn’t know before. Stay with us.

Shopping Through Social? Know The Present Business Landscape !!

Social media campaigns have become one of the most centralized aspects of present marketing. This is why you will see that the business is hiring social media teams to have a clear glass understanding of the present business landscape.

Yes, the penultimate objective of a business is sales. But now, things like lead generation, Traffic, and increased exposure are significant as they carry the flow of demand to the destination called sales. So if you have to set sail with an increased sale, you have to increase your business’s Face value to increase your Link. It may lead youto increase Instant sales. 

The vast majority of the marketing pundits are advising their respective clients and companies to increase their efforts with social media. Number speaks; according to a study, the average value of shopping globally has reached 87.5 billion dollars. Brand discovery and brand value elevation is the ultimate goal that businesses set as it is a great way to increase sales figures. 

Actually, shopping on social media will go on to become more mainstream in the days to come. As an entrepreneur, you need to be more concerned about brand value, social media marketing campaigns, and some related developments. You can tune yourself with the social marketing facts from the social media blog of renowned websites like Social Media Magazine. 

Some Social Media Marketing Facts With the WOW Elements 

By this time, you might have got a glimpse of the pouncing effect social media has on the entire marketing of products. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has ushered in a paradigm shift in the entire approach to social media marketing. 

Here, we discuss some of the social media facts that are quite fascinating, to say the least. Therefore, let’s try to understand the importance and indispensable nature of social media in today’s marketing perspective with the help of some fascinating social media marketing facts.

1. Of All The Adults With The Internet Access, Around 71% Use Social Media

According to an estimation, around three-fourths of adults have at least one social media account. Percentile it i, it is 52%, and it is indeed an astounding figure. Therefore, you can clearly understand that teh sky is the limit for you are using social media tools like Linked In and Facebook. Your takeaway advice is that you must use all your channels to understand the value of social media and act accordingly.

2. Facebook Connects Every One Of Us!

Facebook owns such awe-inspiring figures. That every nine people on the earth use Facebook is one of the most fascinating social media marketing facts. Not only this, but around 250 million people have access to Facebook. Whatever you consider on Facebook, you can not simply ignore its global influence. 

3. But What Do We Have Except Facebook?

Most of us have an idea that Facebook and Instagram are the only platforms where we can engage ourselves with marketing! 

Do you, too, think the same? 

Well…other than Facebook, and LinkedIn, businesses can also use some other big platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Reddit.

You will be amazed to know that Pinterest is one tool that is great for driving traffic and generating brand awareness.

4. Youtube Drives Engagements

YouTube is one of the most important social media tools that drives the greatest engagement. It is one platform laden with quality audiovisual content on any and almost every subject related to day-to-day events. 

But what really drives YouTube’s success story?

It is the platform where you can get many videos and display your products before millions of people.

5. E-Commerce Too Is Leveraging Social Media

According to a study, ecommerce businesses have made the most out of social media channels. Why not! Around 80% of internet users make online purchases. Also, approximately 50% of Gen Z use social media to look for products and purchase them from the respective e-commerce company. 

However, the future is quite bright. According to a study, social commerce in the USA is projected to reach a figure of around $107.17 billion by around 2025. Therefore, if you run your own ecommerce platform, you are sure to leverage social media.

What Experts Have To Say On Social Media Marketing 

Apart from these, some other social media marketing facts are quite fascinating, too. We mention a few of them below. 

According to a survey it is found out that 6.54% of B2B marketers generated leads through social media. First, you have to gather leads through extensive marketing. Only then can you turn the leads into sales.

Among the social media platforms, LinkedIn is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ones. According to the viewpoint of the B2B companies, around 7.80% of them believe that social media leads come from LinkedIn. It denotes that companies, regardless of market value, growth, or reach, are optimizing social media. 

However, social media marketing integration is not a roller coaster journey. According to a study, around 26% of companies integrate social media marketing into their ecosystem. It denotes that there are huge opportunities so far as integrating social media into their framework. 


The facts, stats, and observations vindicate the social media platform’s positive role in increasing product sales. Yes, you got it right: social media platforms are helping businesses find new growth opportunities. We hope that these social media marketing facts will widen your knowledge base and help widen your scope. 

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