Shaping Every Child’s Thoughts, Exactly The Same Way

Shaping Every Child's Thoughts, Exactly The Same Way
Karthik Parthasarathy

Shaping every child’s thoughts,
Exactly the same way,
Turning them into bots.

Rinku Shah

Thinking is skilled work,
Sadly the hazards
of education still, lurk.
A child’s potential is limited
by our imagination,
Unorthodox thinking lays
a sound foundation.
Don’t deprive them
their own thoughts.
Facilitate and engage minds
to question lots!

Sarrvesh Waran

She cut off their imagination,
mould it to the like of hers
and when she was satisfied
that they were like her she said,
” think outside the box”!?

Tanu Malhotra

Education is not
conditioning the little minds
with your own conditioning.

Let them explore
beyond your knowledge,
or what convinces you.
Let them make their own experiences.
Let them learn, grow, expand
as per their own potentials,
in their own expansive horizons
of magical hues and rainbows!

Roma Thomas

She was a butterfly.
He was a falcon.
They had different purposes
and paths to tread.
If the creator didn’t make them alike
who are we to decide.

Ragul Sp

Teachers duty is
to mould their character,
but not to restrict
their imagination.

Sulekha Pande

Guide, don’t goad,
don’t burden them
with the load,
let them think,
let them grow,
let them run
their own show.

TosifAhmed Abbasi

“You can’t imagine more than me”

Mai Quesada

Education with RESTRICTION!


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