12 Reminders For Those Who Do Not Know What They Are Doing With Their Life

Reminders For Those Who Do Not Know What They Are Doing With Their Life

A set of reminders that tell you to have faith in yourself

1) Nobody knows what they are doing with their lives –

Life is a series of uncertain events that dwell into our existence and forge experiences that we live by. Nobody has a perfect sense of their life, some have a better idea of what they are working towards, while others just do whatfeels right to them at the moment. Ultimately none of us can fathom or anticipate what life will bring to us.

2) You decide the course of your life –

The author of your story is you, nobody determines what you define your story by. The feeling of being lost and uncertain will be mitigated once you embrace the notion of being in control of your life no matter what circumstances stir by.

3) JK Rowling did not know she was going to be a pioneer in the writing field, Steve Jobs did not know that Apple would turn out to be a massive worldwide success, and Oprah Winfrey had no sight of being the mascot of the self-improvement ballgame. You do not need to know where you are going to be doing great things that foster success and joy in your life. All you need is faith and consistent actions.

4) You owe nothing to your past self –

The dreams you beheld as your past self, the higher self you envisioned when you were younger but now have outgrown, you owe nothing to your younger version. It is okay to metamorphose into a new being that holds a different version of their best self.

5) You owe everything to the adult you are today –

The person you are today deserves all the love, attention, care and nurture that you behold. What do you want to become today?

6) Give yourself the permission and the freedom to want what you really want in the present –

The individual that you are today requires your kindness and deserves to have
everything you desire.

7) You cannot predict the future in any way –

There is no way you can predict the future, you cannot know what will happen in 5 years from now. There is no way in which you will be able to understand what you will have in the future, if you have a vision you want to accomplish, try harder.

8) Planning your life would not take you anywhere –

Planning your life will not diminish the uncertainty that life holds. Instead, focus on every step that leads you to your higher self, and let your energy shift from planning to living your best every day in your existence. Make each day worthwhile, that is all that matters.

9) If you wish to transform your life, stop thinking and start acting –

It is a lot more difficult to think your way in a healthy mindset than acting in the right way. Start acting in the right way by taking one positive step every day.

10) Social Media is elusive and often not true –

The world of social media often makes us feel we need to be perfect and achieve big impressive things now and then. Nobody’s life is as perfect as they display on social media. Trust me when I say this no one cares about your life as much as you, so do yourself a favour and start living your life the way you want to.

11) You do not need to achieve something extraordinary to be worthy-

Your worth is not proportional to being an overachiever and achieving milestones. You are worthy of love and joy just the way you are.

12) Your life is as good as your perception of it-

What you think about yourself and your life is what forges to be your reality. Start cultivating optimism in your life and see your life turn for the better.

Stop asking yourself what you are doing with your life and start asking what am I
doing with my life today. Have a great day.

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