Reasons why scientists are not giving their nod to the existence of the souls

Reasons why scientists are not giving their nod to the existence of the souls

Everybody knows that science does not believe in the physical existence of anything unless it is hundred percent sure of its existence, not the least – in something that can be proved only hypothetically.

Take the case of viruses, for instance. 

We can see neither souls nor viruses. But they never expressed any doubt about the existence of the viruses till date since they could have verified their existence by employing a real-time imaging technique using fluorescent microscopy to monitor the viral components in live cells even though they could see them physically only a few years back – using a “nanoscope”. 

They knew that they could not have seen the viruses because they were of a size smaller than even the shortest wavelength of the visible light which falls in the range of 300 to 800 nanometre.  

But, unfortunately, they have never been able to put to test a soul the same way.

No wonder, they have not given a nod to the existence of the souls even though we have heaps of evidence that cry from the top of the roof that we should not think that they did not exist. 

Though it is quite possible that we are not able to see the souls for the same reason for which we are not able to see the viruses, it is not that we can’t see only such things that may be too small in size.  There can be some other reasons as well, such as – the things that have a “negative refractive index”1, are also invisible since such things refract light in an aberratic manner, as shown below.  

Reasons why scientists are not giving their nod to the existence of the souls

Though this is not expected to be the reason of invisibility of the souls since such things can be made only artificially yet it raises a doubt in the mind that there has to be something that is evading us.

For instance, we know – our eyes have been designed to see up to only three dimensions of an object – the height, the depth and the width.

We don’t know – whether our eyes can even see the fourth dimension or not. It is an untouched area in which nobody has done any work yet. So, we are not sure of the exact cause of their invisibility.

Evidence that upholds the existence of souls

But it can’t be denied that we have enormous evidence that gives-in to suggest that only something like souls alone can explain how anybody could ever tell almost everything related to his/her past life as are narrated at the site

All of these are real stories.

Or how, at all, just three-year-some girls could recite the terse Sanskrit verses of “Shreemad Bhagwat Gita” as are shown to recite in the videos and out of their memory, which can’t be explained any other way except that something such as souls should have unloaded what they should have learnt by rote in their past life.

If not anything else, at least, we can’t deny that Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia of the USA and his team of doctors would not have collected only fake data to have confirmed that the concept of reincarnation is not merely a fib of imagination of somebody who may have been suffering from dementia.   

The fact that so many people should have been able to tell about their past life without their having visited such places ever during their present term of life can’t be taken merely as a hoax.

The scientists would have, perhaps, given their assent if we would not have had any unplugged holes in the theory of reincarnation – quite a few of them.

The unplugged holes in the theory of reincarnation

Here are some of the holes that leave us to dumbfound regarding the theory of reincarnation.  

1.     We don’t know, in what form the souls carry the memory of a person in whom they should have remained interned during their last rendezvous, at the time of his/her death though some people believe that they carry such memories in the form of a holograph. It is very difficult to ascertain, whether it is really so.     

2.    We don’t know how it is that the memories of the life of the diseased person carried by them do not get mutilated even over as many as seven to eleven years or, quite often, even far beyond eleven years.

3.    We don’t know how they enter the body of their new incumbent – may be, through his/her nose  when he/she breathes but it is not so easy to find out the truth about it and, if not so, how.

4.    Supposing they enter through the nose – we, not only, don’t know whether they unload the memories of the past life into the brain of their new incumbent at the time of their reincarnation the same way as we load some software or some data on a computer using a pen-drive or in some other manner. In whatever manner they may be unloading the memories – it is very difficult to ascertain how they must be unloading the memories carried by them into their brain from there.

So just having a lot of evidence is of no avail unless we are able to plug all such holes.

However, if you believed in the theory of karmas, we come around a belief that souls alone may be balancing our “destiny” according to our “past life karmas” since none else but souls alone know what sort of karmas we had performed during our past life.



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    Subhash Chandra Sawhney

    The diagram shown on the top of the blog may be kindly inserted after the para ending with the words….
    …. such things refract light in an aberratic manner, as shown below.


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