‘Pulse’ Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘Pulse’

Here are our favorite submissions


By Debra Pry 

I’m a different kind of woman.
I dance to a different tune.
I get high on life.
And live The Poetry that I cannot write.
My pulse slows down only when love takes my breath away.
And then I gasp.
For the air that I breathe.
Because in that moment..
That’s all I need.


By Gretchen McDaniel 

My dear friend who’s pulse is as mine, here’s what I have found.
You want to know what it takes to make your heart beat faster?
Visit this place that slowed it down.
Take note,
take your time.
Karma’s on your side so
check your pulse. Does it carry the same tempo?
Heal as
life is not your enemy then
check your pulse. Does it echo?
Heart willing? Go back to stay.
Your heart is your best friend.

By Rhonda S Cooley 

life wave,
be brave,
hold tight.
with all might.
live strong,
ignore wrong.
fade away,
but not today.
Pulse on! 


By Michael Hodder 


Like the space between two notes
A harmony’s grace often floats
Waning or gaining others votes
Separates the rights from the wrotes

How do you know that your heart beats
And where a word ends or completes
Very few understand defeats
Eventually are successors feats

Like cognitive concern of knowing
A pulse is a sign of life’s showing
Why death is a sure bestowing
Should you not grow the space of growing.


By Elijah Johnson 

Your finger on the pulse
is like a finger on a trigger
The heart always reflects your
emotions like a mirror
But, your actions will show
if you stand and deliver.

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