‘Peace’ Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘Peace’

Here are our favorite submissions

By Rinku Shah 

The more I searched for it, the more it eluded me.
I wanted to escape the din of city life only to know the cacophony was within…
Run away from expectations,rules, ties…
till I saw the choice button was on my finger tips.
A big No to news, negativity and nagging numbers seemed a quick fix…
Minimalism,meditation and mantras became part of my medley.
Little did I know the chaos was in me, screaming for attention as I moved on in my journey.
Then one day I fell onto my knees, I could no longer continue!
I surrendered and in a flash there it was…
The struggle ended, it dawned upon me to stop controlling.
Acknowledge myself in totality, do my best and leave the rest, readjust my focus lens to appreciate beauty.
Dropped the race to reach first, to now rise above…
Living in love my quest had ended… I became PEACE!

By Lavanya Raghuraman 

Her name was….

I decided to dust it all away and let go,
I heard someone knocking my door.
I opened the door and i saw her smiling at me with her snow white aura.
Her name was Peace.

“Come on in, I’ve been waiting for you for so long”, I said

“I come and wait at your door steps every day,
I keep knocking your door every moment,
It was me who was waiting to be with you, my precious” , She said

The dust had to settle and I had to write it off.
I am sorry for having made you wait”, I said

“Do not throw me out like last time
If you ever do, I will still be around
waiting to be heard
I am your Peace
and You are my love.
Rest all is just but dust” said she

I smiled with peace and
she smiled with love

By Sowmiya Kalyanaraman 

In the face of condescension
In the midst of envious others
In the presence of an arrogant few
Who don’t have a clue
About who I am and what I do,
In the brutal moments of errors
In the joyful moments of getting something right
While the haters stare
With their envious glare
I find my peace, every single day
Come what may.

By Saumya Sharma 

She always tried to make peace with others, to find happiness
Only to realise that making peace with herself was much more important to be happy

By Debra Pry 

Their lives were chaos.
They lived in the moment,
But loved every moment of it.
Living on the edge for so long,
They wondered if they would ever really find peace.
Maybe it was not a place for them.
They lived for the adventure of being alive.
Peace was not a place.
It was somewhere inside of their souls.
It was a feeling.
Something most people never find, because they choose to live inside a box of rules.
They knew how to break the rules effectively and love with passion.

By Gouri Banerji

The skin crawls The blood boils The heart aches As the world bleeds When will it dawn The calm after the storm? When will we find The inner power to be kind? When will they see That violence is not the key? When all humankind does fail Is that when peace will prevail?

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