Now We Are Left With One Option, Use The Old Fashioned As Protection.

Iris Tansiongco 

Before technology came crashing,
books were already there to shield us.

Danielle Monique 

Reading calms the mind technology crowds it.


Jackie De Klerk

Technology evolved so much.
It can be deceiving and such.
Now we are left with one option,
use the old fashioned as protection.
Don’t let it lie to your brain, 
Carry on and keep sane.


Ramya Raghuraman 

Technology was born out of books ;
Misused by crooks, 
Fear not! Kid, 
Turn to books and
they won’t let you skid.


Rinku Shah

 Gadgets just rain down,
No matter how much I frown.
It’s the new norm,
Young old or any form.
Worry not little one…
I know it’s not real fun.
It will be Parks, books, and games…
Meeting new people and knowing their names.
Give up? Never… nope!
I thrive on hope!

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