Notice A Rash On Your Hands? How To Identify It

Notice A Rash On Hands

Any small change to your body can cause you concern. There is no need to worry about any of these changes until you have an idea about what is causing this issue. For example, a hand rash can have any number of possible origins. Jumping to conclusions about this cause can sometimes make things worse, which is why it is important to identify the rash before proceeding with treatment. 

You should always seek medical advice if you have any health concerns; however, this article will look at what could cause a rash to form on your hands to help narrow down your conclusions. 


Eczema is one of the most common causes of skin irritation, and there are many explanations for this type of ailment. Many eczema sufferers receive this type of reaction because of an immune system deficiency, although it can also be brought about by stress. However, your skin is likely experiencing an overreaction to an irritant if the eczema is only forming on your hands.

The human immune system can sometimes overcompensate in the face of an allergic reaction, and it may produce an itchy, rash-like symptom or inflammation. This inflammation is the key to identifying eczema, and you will find plenty of over-the counter-medication to relieve these symptoms. If your eczema is particularly bad, you may need to receive specialized medication from your GP.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is very similar to eczema; however, you can only contract this type of rash by making direct contact with an allergen. Therefore, it is more likely to end up on your hands than anywhere else. Substances such as nickel, ivy, or hand lotions can all be common causes of contact dermatitis, so it is worth avoiding touching these materials where possible.

The main difference between eczema is that contact dermatitis does not itch. However, you can treat it the same way with prescribed medication, but you may need to take steroids in extreme cases.


Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that patients are born with. An autoimmune disease results in the body’s white blood cells attacking healthy cells alongside foreign agents, which can result in all manner of ailments. One of these ailments is psoriasis, which is a harsh rash that forms on the hands due to the skin cells’ shorter life span. 

Again, many people confuse psoriasis with eczema; however, autoimmune patients are far more likely to be diagnosed from an early age with this disease. If you have your suspicions about a rash on your hand, you can often tell whether it is psoriasis by its patchy nature. Eczema spreads wherever it can, while a psoriasis rash will begin to form between the fingers. As always, your doctor should be able to provide you with confirmation and treatment if you find that you are suffering from psoriasis.

Ring Worm

Many people get confused by the idea of ringworm. It is normal to assume that it is something caused by a parasite; however, ringworm has nothing to do with worms. Instead, ringworm is a dermatological illness that is caused by a fungal infection. You can only contract ringworm by contacting specific fungal spores, but this means that it can pass from person to person through touch. 

The fungus attacks the keratin in the body, which is the protein that is responsible for the growth of hair, nails, and skin cells. As a result, you may notice a rash on your hands if you have ringworm. However, you will also receive damage to your fingernails and hair, which is why ringworm is easier to identify than other skin conditions. 


Cellulitis is not as common as other types of skin rash; however, it is much easier to identify. It is caused by bacteria that have found their way underneath the skin via a cut or graze. Of course, it is much easier for bacteria to do this on your hands than on other parts of your body given that they are always exposed to the elements.

The initial stages of cellulitis will appear like an ordinary rash, but the affected area will swell as time goes on. What’s more, the rash will also grow darker the more the infection spreads. Since cellulitis is a bacterial infection, it can be treated with regular antibiotics. It should start to disappear after ten days of treatment, and you can help the process by keeping the affected area dry and elevated.


Hives are another type of rash that can be caused by environmental factors, such as allergens or stress. However, hives are an underlying condition, which means that only 20% of the population will react this way because of their genetics. 

This type of hand rash can be identified by its bumpy protrusions. Placing a cold compress on the affected area is a good way to soothe the itching, and some sufferers will recommend an aloe vera solution. However, an outbreak of hives is often the body’s precursor to anaphylactic shock. This type of allergic reaction can be fatal if not treated in time. Therefore, if you or someone you know suddenly breaks out in hives without warning, you must seek immediate medical attention.


You may think that sunburn would be simple enough to identify; however, many people still mistake this common ailment with something far more serious. Sunburn is caused by giving your skin too much exposure to the sun. It normally forms on large areas of skin, such as the neck and arms, but it is also possible to receive sunburn on your hands. It makes sense, given how exposed your hands are in the summertime. 

Sunburn manifests as a red and painful rash. However, you can identify sunburn by checking whether it is warm to the touch. Other symptoms include headaches, fatigue, and blistering skin. Sunburn should fade naturally after a few days, but you can speed up the healing by regularly applying an after-sun solution. Remember to cover your hands with sunscreen next time the sun is out, and you can avoid contracting sunburn in the future.


Unfortunately, the most difficult type of hand rash to prevent comes in the form of Shingles. This is a viral disease that cannot be passed from person to person that creates itchy patches on the patient’s skin. It is mainly transferred through people via the chickenpox virus and often resembles a more extreme version of this common condition. Shingles are more prevalent in adults over the age of forty, which is why most parents choose to give their kids chickenpox at an early age, so they do not suffer from this illness in the future.

Sadly, the key identifying factor of shingles is pain. The virus attacks the patient’s nerves, which causes the skin above the area to become inflamed. Shingles will pass on their own after around five weeks and, on a more positive note, you can only contract this illness once in your lifetime.


You will be better prepared to deal with a hand rash if you know what type of symptoms to look for. Some causes of this irritation are common and mild; however, you may find that you also have an underlying health condition. Pay attention to what your body is telling you and you can receive the treatment that you need.

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