Nature tourism: Why is it beneficial for health?

Nature tourism

As a practice, taking at least five minutes a day to be in contact with the outdoors, whether it is a short walk in the park or sitting and watching the sky, is very important to preserve mental health, which is the psychological, emotional, and social well-being of people.

The most important thing is that it is a universal method for all people, creative professionals like artists or free paper writer, as well as for IT professionals, financiers, and others.

And, if we want to go a step further, we can give importance to nature tourism and adapt it to our lives through trips and other experiences that demand little money and will leave you with more life and health.

Breathing deeply in spaces with trees, touching the plants, the water on the beach, walking on the sand, and catching ten minutes of sun a day all turn out to be accessible natural medicine that will surely change how we live. And we are going to tell you about its benefits.

In this post, we want to help you with some ideas so you can travel on good dates to have contact with nature without worries, in addition to leaving you some interesting tips on this body-mind-environment balance.

If we are looking for a relaxed trip for nature tourism, it is best to travel in the low season, so your travel tickets will be cheaper, and you will get fewer tourists in the destinations you want to visit.

What is the relationship between the environment and a healthy mind?

It is incredible to think that many physical and neurological ailments that happen to us daily are motivated by poor stress management, anxiety, a sedentary lifestyle, or depression. 

That is why it has been said that the answers to a better quality of life are found in our attitude towards the things that happen to us and how we handle them. And part of this is to turn them into something good through a positive environment, which is the environment.

The environment and natural spaces are noble. They produce what humans need to relax, such as air, colors, textures, varying temperatures, and sounds.

That is why it is so important to give a vote of confidence to nature tourism because even without traveling, you can look for spaces near your area that help you have this relationship with mother earth.

Benefits of being in contact with the environment

1. Walking barefoot in the sand: improves the nervous system, activates the circulatory system, prevents vascular problems such as varicose veins, swollen ankles, and edema in the legs. In addition, salt and sand are naturally exfoliating.

2. Deep breathing: when we take pure air, and we do it deeply, holding our breath for two seconds at a time, we will be oxygenating the body cells. Toxins are eliminated from the body, stress, and give more vitality.

3. Sun baths are ideal; you only need about ten minutes a day. They provide vitamin D for the bones, stimulate the defenses, prevent cancer, favor the mood, and improve sleep quality.

4. Touching plants: textures are important for the senses of touch to remain active, and for people suffering from nerves, anxiety, and depression, this practice helps them a lot. As well as smells and tastes.

5. Sitting and looking: the eyes are a window, and the view of natural spaces is beneficial. It controls anxiety and gives calmness. Observing the colors of the sky and watching how a sunset falls will greatly help the nervous system.

6. Take a bath at the beach: The sun, the sand, and the sea coexist to give people tranquility. So the nervous system will be happy and our energy active.

What is the best date to choose for your trip?

 Now that you know what we can do to fully enjoy nature tourism, we must remember that we can talk about high and low travel seasons.

 And in this, we must consider several things: whether it is vacation time or not, if it is a vacation or even the destination. When we know what we will do, we will have the right date.

 For example, in Chile, the low season is between the months of April, May, and June, so you will find economical options to travel.

Where are we going?

If you’re tired of changing states, try South America! There are many places to visit and where you can do nature tourism and spend some beautiful days. Some destinations you may like are:

Chile: Iquique will always be an option. Its coasts, thermal baths, and unique landscapes will surely take you out of the city routine. There is also Puerto de Varas, known as the City of Roses, which has views of volcanoes, hikes in the forest, visits to lakes, and offers a variety of outdoor activities.

Peru: The biodiversity of this country is enormous. By entering its parks, you can be in direct contact with its ecosystems and discover much of the ecotourism it offers to its visitors. In Peru, there are 14 National Parks. We leave you two options that you can go to between May and November when there is no rain: the Cordillera Azul and Huascaran parks, which have snow-capped mountains and offers climbing, skiing, and mountain biking.

Argentina: the imposing General San Martin Park is a beautiful place. Autumn is its best season in terms of weather. It has 17 kilometers of lakes and many trees.

Colombia: we can recommend different options in its capital, Bogota, such as Quebrada San Francisco, Alameda de Quebrada Vieja, and Matarredonda Ecological Park.

Now that we have this information on how nature can help us improve ourselves by incorporating it into our lives, we just have to prepare for the adventure and take advantage of all the positives.

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