My Life Has Been An Unbelievable Journey

My Life Has Been An Unbelievable Journey

“The United Nations defines youth as persons between the ages of 15 and 24 with all UN statistics based on this range. The UN also recognizes that this varies without prejudice to other age groups listed by member states, such as 18–30.” – This is what I found when searched on the Internet, what young age is. To be frankly speaking, it was a despondent thing to read since this year I hit 35 years old age. 🙂

Perhaps I’m not that young as I’m feeling anymore, and, maybe it’s the right time to overthink some things and make amendments to the understanding of the meaning of life as well as my place in this frantic world. 🙂

If you happen to have somewhat similar thoughts at the time, then mayhap there’s a chance you’ll find this article interesting.

Last weekend, I decided to dedicate some of my leisure time to reflect on my experiences, so I could compare how much my today’s life differs compared to the young age stated by the UN. I started from recuperating some memories of my school and student years, going further to my first work experiences, romances, going abroad, and many other memorable gaps of time.

Going through a pile of old photos helped to revive various moments of all those years, but, most importantly, it made me realize that my life has been changing intensely throughout all of these years. Some moments are like from the past life, and several changes are just stark.

I’ve never thought I’ll try so many things I’ve already tried, as well as I, didn’t expect to drastically change my viewpoint on so many topics so much. 15 years back, I wasn’t listening to the music I adore today, whilst yet less than 10 years ago, I didn’t even dare to think of some things I’ve already attained. Most of these were developing along the way, while some things happened due to the ideas that I thought came out of nowhere. Eventually, I perceived that behind each of these ideas, there was something.

Whether it was communication with some of my amazing friends, or reading a specific book, there always was an initial incentive that gave birth to a specific idea. So, it’s logical to say that the scenario of life has been written in a consistent way and there’s no place for happenstance. Most of the changes in our lives appear thanks to our previous actions and thoughts.

Though it makes us fully responsible for our failures, it also confirms that most of our accomplishments happen only due to our endeavors. Moreover, taking into account the possibility to define our own mindset, we can change the life, which is yet to come!

As much as all the above mentioned seems to be quite a positive way of perception, there’s always the other side of the coin, and ignoring that won’t do us any good.

So, what about hardships and struggles?
Oh yeah, there were some.
Psychologists say that these define who we are, and I can’t be agreeing more on this. Tough periods shape us as anything else.

We never forget these experiences, although it rarely mentioned in our posts on social media. Except for those who have been writing their life diaries, most memories of heavy life-changing difficulties, exist only in our memories.

It’s truly frightening how much life can change in a relatively short time, and, at the same time, it’s amazingly motivating. Socializing, having fun and enjoying new experiences are undoubtedly captivating, but it’s realizing of a capability to continuously change and becoming at least a bit better is the real thing for me.

Albeit I don’t know what the future will bring, my life experience gives me a load of reasons to be excited about the upcoming years. The best-unexpected things are yet to come! Most importantly, I verily believe that most people must have the same because there’s nothing that makes me someone special or better than others.

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