‘#MeToo’ Tiny Tales

'#MeToo' Tiny Tales


Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘#MeToo’

Here are our favorite submissions

By Rinku Shah 

A dark night
I shudder in fright.
In broad daylight
Still nothing feels right.

Why me?
I just don’t see
Please let me be
Don’t you agree?

What happened to mutual consent?
All of it I resent
I had expressed my dissent
Now it’s a constant torment!

#metoo maybe only a phrase…
It empowered me in so many ways
I’m not alone in this malaise…
Together now our voice we raise!

By Mâ Tera 

he said “i love you” in a text message.

i wondered what was that all of a sudden?
those unpleasant years was enough to convince me
that you never did.. i was never loved.

‘i love you’, i read it again..

no matter how many times i read it,
the only thing i felt was emptiness..
and somewhat sadness that
i couldn’t feel anything anymore.

“i wish, i could say ‘me too’”, i replied.

By Swati Chauhan

When it becomes difficult to be understood
It feels like a blessing to hear ”Me too”.

By Shamini Abeykoon

Once I fell in love
With the prince in the silver horse…
He truts slowly in pace through the ground of my soulful heart…
I smiled as I knew I’d be rode in to the sunset..
With glitters and roses my heart was blossoming..
Clinging on to the very dear of me I looked at my now lit sky..
I see the stars dancing, moon beaming..
Daffodils singing to its heart content,
there he stood midst the meadows of gleeful daffodils..
His words caressing my soul
Then and there those words flew out of my lips,
Will you be my heart and soul?
My one and only?
He smiled and said I wish I could say #metoo
But I am not yours and you’re not mine,
I’m breaking your heart in to pieces and heed
So many of me will walk..
Crush and soil the ground that of your heart..
Yet your heart will dance with the pain and the ache
But remember there’s one who will come with no shinning horse…:
He’d walk in his shabby bag and hopeful eyes
He’ll not turn your world into a havoc like we will
But he will hold your back and wipe your tears..
There he would say my heart is yours and will your heart be mine?
Please my dear darling do say #metoo as he will mender your broken heart and tender to it…
The daffodils will grow and the moon will then smile!
You will fall in love and walk towards the sunset..
Just like you dreamt darling, just like you dreamt!

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