Mental & Emotional Support for the Single Parent During a Long-Distance Move

Emotional Support for the Single Parent

Moving brings along a ton of change, typically coupled with feelings of anxiety, fatigue, irritability, sadness, excitement, and fear, and even can exacerbate pre-existing mental health issues.

While moving can be a complicated process logistically, underneath the surface, there is, even more, going on – the physical aspect of long-distance moving is only the tip of the iceberg. As a solo parent, you have one less paycheck, one less decision maker, one less parent, and one fewer means for your sanity – and while that can seem overwhelming, a child only needs one healthy parent to provide them with everything they need. 

Long-distance movers can help to ease the frustrations of moving, and it can help to create a sense of stability and security throughout the process. You have more important things to stress about when you are going through your emotional motions, as well as your children’s – reaching out to the professionals to take care of the logistics can assist in smoothing things over. Moving means getting out of your comfort zone, and existing outside of what is comfortable helps to create personal and familial growth. If you are apprehensive about your long-distance move and may find it challenging to create space for self-care, understand that is perfectly normal. It’s always okay to lean on others when you need support.

Planning & Knowing Where to Find Support

Generally, the top three stressors that come with a long-distance move are – changes, money, and time. Change is always going to be something that we experience no matter how we live. When it comes to a move, the fear of the unknown and leaving things behind are the pieces people hang onto, especially when you are a single parent. It can be very intimidating and scary if you are heading out to a brand-new place where you do not know anyone in the area and do not have a support group. Planning and remaining proactive about the process will help ease those negative feelings.

There are also many things to prepare when you are moving across the country; the preparation begins before you start packing and should begin as far in advance as possible. You can rid yourself of things you no longer need or have use for and donate them to someone who will cherish those belongings. Research your new neighborhood, find places you can explore, make friends, and develop a new community for support. 

Preparing the Kiddos 

The kids also need some preparation, which is one of the most challenging parts of moving across state lines. Some parents avoid moving once their children are in middle school because uprooting kids once they are settled can cause emotional disruption, which may result in behavioral and emotional differences. There aren’t as many options as possible for single parents – maybe you are moving home to be closer to the family for reasons of support, heading 2,000 miles away to begin your career, or you need a fresh start. 

Whatever the reasons for moving, ensure your kid is informed and make a safe place for them to ask questions and remain involved throughout the process. Communication is critical to prepping your kids for a long-distance move – keep that line of communication open and make sure they are involved in decision-making around the relocation process. 

Packing & Moving Day

This is where time comes in – packing is tedious, and one of the parts of the relocation process everyone procrastinates, and it can easily overwhelm you. Contact your friends and family or a full-service moving company to help with packing to make things more efficient. Have the right attitude and prepare a checklist for packing so you are sure there is nothing left behind, and everything gets done. 

Moving day can be incredibly stressful for kiddos, so if you have young children, having friends or family help to care for and babysit for the big day is best. Give yourself enough time to say goodbye to your old home and what you are leaving behind. Provide a little grace, make room for self-care, and reinforce your relationship with your child.

Money Saving Tips & Tricks

Being a single parent comes with twice the responsibilities, including the bills. There is no opportunity to split rent or living expenses with a companion. So, when it comes to a long-distance move, you are looking at the same hurdle you have had to overcome many times before. Create a realistic budget and work with a professional to help bring the cost down. Get as many estimates as possible to compare and contrast quotes and team up with the right company.

You can cut down costs and save some money in any of the following ways:

  • Pack yourself and use your friends and family for assistance. Consider re-using boxes you already have to check out your local grocery store and restaurants nearby; they typically have old boxes that can be recycled for moves.
  • Remember this move during tax season because some moving expenses can be written off!
  • Decluttering and donating as much as possible will help you shrink the size of your move and what you will pay to be transported to your new home.
  • Consider moving during the off-season; you have the flexibility for timing, the rates are better in the cooler months than in Spring and Summer months, and this could save you a ton of money.
  • Pack up some things you can transport yourself to have your necessities when you arrive, along with your child and any pets. Don’t forget the food so you don’t spend too often dining out.

Call on the Experts for Accessible Moving Solutions

Your new place allows you and your family to create new memories at a new beginning – this is something to cherish; although it may bring out some negatives, there is always a brighter side to even the darkest moments. Having a full-service mover by your side as a single parent will provide the maximum security and support. Rocky Movers is a local, family-owned and operated moving company in Denver, Colorado providing affordable relocation services. 

Rocky has made it their mission to re-envision moving solutions and pick up the emotional and mental slack required to complete a cross-country move. Moving as a single parent can feel like climbing up the Rocky Mountains in your mind, but it doesn’t have to be. When you access every support mode, your relocation process can be smooth, efficient, and the start of something beautiful.

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