4 Meaningful Reasons to Get a Rescue Dog — and How to Take Great Care Of Them

Meaningful Reasons to Get a Rescue Dog

There are plenty of reasons to get a rescue dog, and more importantly, to provide them with the care they so greatly deserve.

If you’re considering this, read on to learn all you need to know ahead of going ahead with adding an animal to the family.

Unraveling the Compassionate Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog

Adopting a rescue dog is not just about bringing home a pet. It’s more about giving an innocent animal another chance. There are lots of reasons to motivate your decision, including:

  • Addressing overpopulation: Every year, animal shelters get overwhelmed by the number of dogs they must handle. By adopting one, you’re helping cut down on this issue.
  • Saving lives: Unfortunately, healthy animals often have to be euthanized due to lack of space in shelters each year. Your adoption could literally save a life.
  • Fighting against puppy mills: These notorious businesses breed dogs under horrible conditions primarily for money without regard for their well-being. Adoption decreases demand and scuppers their operations.
  • Encountering unexpected love: Often mixed breeds or ‘mutts’ found in shelters possess unique traits and behavioral mix unlike any pedigreed pure breed. This can lead to some amazing bonding experiences.

Choosing to adopt rather than shop for a pet lets you embark on an incredibly fulfilling journey that’s both emotionally rewarding and socially impactful.

Try CBD Treats for Anxious Dogs

It’s pivotal to understand that rescue dogs can be prone to anxiety due to past traumas. As a solution, you may want to try using CBD treats dogs love.

Such treats calm the nerves without causing ‘high’ effects typical of marijuana. More and more pet parents are acknowledging their benefits today, from reducing fear responses during thunderstorms or fireworks, easing separation anxiety when you’re at work, or simply helping your dog relax better.

Do remember that you should always consult with your vet before introducing new items into your dog’s diet.

Mastering Regular Exercise and Play Schedules

Establishing a regular routine of physical activities is paramount for the well-being of your rescue dog. Here’s why:

  • Aid in weight control: Regular exercise prevents obesity, reducing risks of multiple diseases such as arthritis or diabetes.
  • Strengthen bones and muscles: Just like humans, dogs need to maintain their muscular health. Playing fetch or going for walks can work wonders.
  • Alleviate boredom & destructive behavior: Physical activity keeps them engaged, which is important as an idle mind might lead to unwelcome behaviors like chewing shoes or furniture. It’s similar to how exercise helps us deal with mental health concerns as well.

As part of this, ensure you include a variety of games, and schedule high-energy playtimes including toys they love, alongside relaxed strolls around the neighborhood, and even water-based exercises if your furry friend enjoys swimming. Just keep in mind that each breed has different energy levels, so adjust your plans accordingly.

Essential Tips on Training and Socializing an Adopted Dog

Training your rescue dog is a significant part of their care. It not only promotes good behavior but also fosters trust between you and them.

  • Start with basic commands: Make ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’ the staple commands in your training regime. Consistency here is crucial!
  • Leash training: Teach them how to walk respectfully by your side without pulling or tugging too much, making outdoor activities more pleasant.
  • Train through positive reinforcement: Reward good behaviors with treats or praises instead of punishing for mistakes. This encourages repetition of desirable actions.

Furthermore, socialization skills are essential for their mental well-being:

  • Gradually expose them to new environments, including parks, beaches or cafes that allow dogs.
  • Encourage interaction with other dogs during supervised playdates.

These steps will ensure they grow into well-rounded companions capable of handling various situations confidently.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, working with a reputable shelter is wise when adopting a rescue dog, so make this your first priority, then stick to the tips we’ve outlined once they’re part of your pack.

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