Lip Stains and Lip Tints Both Deserve a Spot on Your Vanity – Here’s How to Tell Them Apart

apply Lip Stains and lip Tints

All lips are unique in their very own way. And, of course, it’s only logical that while some products perfectly suit someone, they might not be the real deal for you. Luckily, there’s a huge variety of formulas to pick from. Or, if you eventually get tired of choosing the right products for your lips, you can always try out permanent lip makeup ‒ this way, you won’t have to reapply or match your lipstick every single morning.

When you think about lip makeup products, the first things that come to mind are probably lipsticks and lipglosses. However, there’s so much more of them ‒ and the differences you might not know can help you choose what’s best for your lips.

Today, we’ll focus on lip stains and lip tints ‒ they sound alike, but the texture and effects are quite different.

What’s the difference between lip stains and lip tints?

The critical difference is in the firmness of the color, to put it simply. While lip stains have a matte finish and bolder colors that aren’t easy to wipe off, lip tints offer a more “wet” look while the color isn’t as long-staying as one of the lip stains. 

So, if you’re looking for a long-term bolder color with a matte finish, your go-to option is a lip stain. If you need moisturization and a more natural look (think of Korean lip beauty trends), lip tint is your best choice.

Let’s sum up the differences:

  • the finish ‒ lip stains offer a matte and bolder one, while lip tints provide more moisturized and lighter looks;
  • the lasting period ‒ lip stains last longer than lip tints;
  • the texture ‒ both are considered to be lightweight products, but lip tints can add a bit of moisture effect to your lips.

Whatever you choose, it’s more important to know how exactly each formula works for your lips and how you can apply it.

What is a lip stain, and how to apply it?

It is what it says in the title! Lip stain is a product with a lightweight texture that stains the lip with a matte pigment. It won’t wear off as easily as most matte lipsticks do, and it will look and feel like a natural pigment for your lips. Although it’s not as long-lasting as permanent lip makeup, you will certainly like the way it stays on even after your lunch or a couple of glasses of wine.

Sure, some lip stains provide a glossy finish, but if you truly want the moisturized look on your lips, you won’t make it without naturally moisturizing your lips.

But in most cases, lip stains offer a matte finish ‒ this is why you should double-check your lips for any flakes or skin dryness before you apply this product. Don’t forget to scrub and moisturize your lips to avoid a flaky look. 

When your lips are ready, you can firmly press a lip stain on your lip ‒ either from the inner side of the lip to the outer or otherwise. If you want your lips to appear round and smaller, you can increase the intensity of color at the central part of your lips.

If you want to go for a bolder look, just apply the product in a few layers.

What is a lip tint, and how to apply it?

A lip tint is a thin coating of color with an additional moisturization effect. It’s more like a moisturizing lip product that is gentler and deposits lighter color on the lips, sometimes with a glossy or even light satin finish.

Now, it’s time for us to provide some basic application advice for lip tints. Lip tints can be pushed into the lips for a softer, more moisturized appearance or swiped across them for a little bit of extra shine. If you want to combine your lip stain and tint, that’s also a feasible option. 

If you want a more natural appearance that lasts longer but think your lips need a little more moisture, or if you like a little shine on your lips, you can easily apply a lip tint over a lip stain. If lip gloss is not something you like to use, this approach is a great substitute.

If you have permanent lip makeup like lip blushing or lip tinting, you can also apply lip tint products for a more moisturized or even bolder look. There are no exact instructions on which way to use these products is better anyway, and you’re completely free to experiment in order to aim for the best results.

So, what’s the conclusion?

Doing swatch tests on your palms or forearms to compare variations in finish, color, and texture is the easiest way to choose lip products or any other type of makeup products. 

In order to determine which product is more comfortable for your skin while searching for lip tints or stains, test out a couple of products on the top of your palm to check how much they differ in consistency and color. 

Sure, you can avoid lip stains and instead choose lip tints if you are aware that you like natural-looking lips. If you want a stark finish, evaluate the hues and labels of several stains to choose which one you think will look its finest and last many workdays and eventful evenings.

All in all, both options are great if you don’t want to bother yourself with fixing your lipstick or lipgloss after every meal or every few hours at work. And, of course, both products definitely deserve a place on your vanity ‒ especially now that you know how to apply them in the most efficient way possible.

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