Why Less Sleep And Over Sleep Is Harmful To Your Health

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We’ve often heard people ask about the optimal time of sleeping. Of course, sleeping needs differ from person to person at different times. Experts recommend that an average adult sleeps between seven and nine hours every night. A lot of people tend to default on this, especially during periods when they are faced with stress, anxiety or illness. Depending on particular cases, sleeping detection differs in different people. For example, while a person who’s stressed or suffering from hypersomnia may oversleep, another person suffering from insomnia may find it difficult to sleep. The truth, however, is that both cases are medical disorders that need urgent care. Many people with either of these cases experience symptoms of low energy, anxiety, and memory problems. These things don’t just happen. They come with several other medical problems. Here, take a look at some of them.

1. Diabetes:

Several studies have shown that sleeping too much or too little at night for a while can increase the risk of diabetes. So, next time, when you are defaulting your sleep time, you should know that you are putting your self into the risk of something more than the sleep condition itself. Hence the need to seek medical attention before it gets out of hand.

2. Obesity:

Another major problem that could result from sleeping too much or sleeping too little is obesity. A recent study revealed that people who slept for more than 9 hours each night were up to 21% more likely to become more obese if the continue with the habit for up to a six years period. However, according to the study, people that slept between seven to eight hours were less likely to have any problem with their weight.

3. Headaches:

If you are prone to headache, then your sleep is something you really want to watch. During our research, we find that sleeping more than usual on weekends, or during holiday time can actually cause the head to ache. According to researchers, this is so because of the direct effect of oversleeping on certain neurotransmitters in the brain. We’ve also found that most people have the tendency to suffer headaches in the morning on days when they have their night sleep disrupted.

4. Back Pain:

Sometimes, people are told to head straight to bed if the are suffering from back pain. But, of course, you need to be certain that your sleep time doesn’t go beyond optimal if indeed you want any positive result. Bed type matters too. In fact, recently, we found in a Dreamcloud review that the comfort level of your bed can be a strong determinant of the amount of sleep you can get per time. So the next time you feel pain because you are not getting the right amount of sleep, you should start checking from your type of mattress.

5. Heart Disease:

Well, if you didn’t care about your sleep level, maybe it’s time to begin to care. Studies have shown that consistently oversleeping or undersleeping can put anybody at risk if developing heart disease. Although researchers see yet to identify the reason for the connection between sleep disorders and heart disease, you need to be careful not to be a victim.

6. Death:

Sad go say, right? But you could well be heading into it if you fail to take care of your sleep time. Having too little sleep does not only lead to depression and heart diseases, but it actually shortens your lifespan in the long run, by weakening your immune system.

So you see? The next time you want to lose your sleep over things, you should actually think of the fact that you are putting yourself in harm’s way. Consistent overseeing comes with its own ills too. There’s a need to start being careful with your sleep time now if you desire to live healthy and strong.

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