I’m setting myself free

Debra Pry 

I’m setting myself free.
As a butterfly,
Emerged from a cocoon.
My freedom starts with me.

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Always had a mask I wore,
To hide my inner self from those who explore,
The moment you entered my life,
It was liberation from all my strife.
Butterflies flew, Expression of complete joy,
A feeling no one will be able to destroy.

Rinku Shah 

Change is inevitable…
Sometimes radical,
And sometimes superficial.
It can be terrifying,
And unless you receive it…
You don’t discover 

that in this metamorphosis lies your inner strength and capabilities.
Embrace change!

Anna Marie Brown 

Just like a butterfly, 
I’m morphing into my true self. 
My mask is falling into pieces. 
My inner beauty is coming through

Erna Duspara 

My beloved has landed on my lips,
it feels as soft as butter.
His metamorphosis is in his kiss.
My heart is feeling a familiar flutter.
I’m changing right before my eyes,
my silk is soon to cocoon.
Just like a thousand butterflies,
I’ll be joining my beloved soon.

Esther Dawn Ramírez 

I am more than just a body
I am a soul,
a warrior of life,
That comes and goes
And transforms through every life.

Heather Duncan 

With the deliberate passionate 
kiss of transformation, 
the masks applied to you, 
break away. 

Faith Dunsmuir 

Your touch will last forever on my lips, 
your love blew my mind. 
I can’t believe 
for those few fleeting moments 
our worlds collided 
and we faded into 
the abyss that is time.

Liselle AnaLiza Festen 

Nothing remains constant 
except change itself.

Sheila May Villarta 

There’s freedom in the midst of silence.

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