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Destiny And Time Tend To Go Hand In Hand

Destiny and time tend to go hand in hand

Destiny and time tend to go hand in hand.When the branches of a tree is cut off in other for it to die,Nothing can stop a naked tree from blooming.It’s just a matter of time

– Pauline Ebijimi

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Why Drain Yourself On Little Things

Why drain yourself on little things

Why drain yourself on little things when you could actually fly?

– Pauline Ebijimi

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The Lullaby Of Love

The Lullaby Of Love

Lamenting lies smear their presence,In the dreary desert. The desertOf hope in which love has lost its way.I yearn in the sanguine felony of the eternal stream,To bow before the very eyes, to sit and pray.

The solstice of fall befalls warmth in its haling glory,A season of broken vows, that sting humanity in its piercing glance,Setting its fangs deep, the tales of unfulfilled dreams, in gallant themes,Usher their presence in the lament of the looming winter.

Darkness in its plight uproars the silence of desolated cries,In the tribulation of existence, light often loses its stance,Death when it finds you, let it find you alive.Mortality transcends its span, as death lays its icy hands,I don’t fear death, but bemoan the demise of the soul of those,Who embraced the deathbed before death ha

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A Sip Of Amour

a sip of amour

Transcended amidst the virtues of love that are deemed true,I pondered over the predefined chaos that the amorous birds of prey hid under its sinewGlorified and unappalled, the essence of it belied in its gloryUnattained and unbothered, I knew that age-old tale wouldn’t write my story.

Books I have squandered across and tales I have been told,I want a love that breathes in me till my skin turns wrinkled and old.Beauty in the eyes of the beholder it resides,I yearn for a love that sees the pain in the walls that stand beside.

Amour in its exemplar beholds its ground high,

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12 Reminders For Those Who Do Not Know What They Are Doing With Their Life

Reminders For Those Who Do Not Know What They Are Doing With Their Life

A set of reminders that tell you to have faith in yourself

1) Nobody knows what they are doing with their lives –

Life is a series of uncertain events that dwell into our existence and forge experiences that we live by. Nobody has a perfect sense of their life, some have a better idea of what they are working towards, while others just do whatfeels right to them at the moment. Ultimately none of us can fathom or anticipate what life will bring to us.

2) You decide the course of your life –


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The Moment You Begin To Claim Ownership On People

The Moment You Begin To Claim Ownership On People

The moment you begin to claim ownership on people that’s when you startloosing them.- Pauline Ebijimi

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How to care for oneself while grieving


Grief in its entirety strikes while you least expect it. The atrocity of sadness lies in the false notion of being alone and having it all together all the time. To be or not to be in the constant state of despair is not in one’s hands, as melancholy varies in its intensity ranging from a dejected mood to deep and chronic loneliness.

Oftentimes people subject their negativity to a mere passage of time, but often there is an underlying cause that needs to be addressed and healed to become in a state of awareness of their emotions and innate being. It is important to bring light to the need to embrace one’s emotions and not shame ourselves with guilt when we don’t feel happy or in rhythm with our souls.