How to Stop Addiction to Drugs, Alcohol, and Cigarettes


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How to Stop Addiction to Drugs, Alcohol, and Cigarettes

Habits are the gateway to how we shape our everyday activities. They can make or even break us. There are times when we tend to have bad habits that need to be removed from our lives immediately. Have you ever heard about New Year’s Resolutions? New Year’s Resolution is a tradition that people perform to resolve to continue good practices. This tradition helps them to change an undesired trait or behavior. 

Everyone has their goals on their mind. To achieve the goals at some point in their lives, they need to make their tools prepared. When we lose motivation, the chances are that we will end up forgetting our goals and cave in to our past again. Without the right set of tools and preparation, it is impossible to reach your goals. It’s not like your goals are too high to reach. It is because you are not looking in the right direction. 

One can easily form a new habit, but breaking a bad one takes time and takes guts as well. Hence, your goals here should be stopping your addiction to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, which is decreasing the standard of your life. Once you successfully give these bad habits up, you will see how beautiful the world is. Your life will become more enjoyable than it was before. 

How to Stop Addiction to Drugs, Alcohol, and Cigarettes
How to Stop Addiction to Drugs, Alcohol, and Cigarettes

Below we talk about four tips that will help you let go of your bad habits.

1. Set Patterns into Small Steps

If you think that you can hold your patterns immediately, you are wrong. Patterns aren’t made overnight. It develops over time. When you try to develop a good habit at the initial stage, you form an action, not a pattern already. When you engage with that action over and over again, it becomes a pattern of habit. Let’s say you consume alcohol often, and you plan to give up on alcohol completely. If you stop drinking right the moment, the chances are that your life might be in a threat of alcohol withdrawal. It can be dangerous. Hence, you need to build a pattern by lessening the amount of alcohol you take a day. And lessen the days in a week you take alcohol. When you are only starting on the journey, you should set smaller patterns. Which will get bigger and bigger day after day. This way, you can easily track your habits and behavior to progress in your goals more effectively. It motivates you to continue your journey.

2. Keep Distance from Temptations that Make You Feel Engaging with Bad Habit

People think that it is very hard to keep a distance from temptations, but in reality, it is not as difficult as it seems. Familiar places that might make you feel like engaging with that bad habit should be completely ignored or avoided. A bar or a pill is not everything that you need to make yourself feel good. There are millions of things in the world that can make you happy. Instead of going for a bar or a pill, you should try out nature, human beings, pets, and whatnot.

4. Form a Similar Habit

If you want to let go of your old bad habit, you have to replace it with a new one, but it has to be a similar one at the same time. Picking a new choice rather than the old is always better. The new choice will help you to mitigate the old habit gradually. When you are an alcoholic and take alcohol every day, the chances are that you would at least want something in your hand that looks like alcohol. You can try a new non-alcoholic drink which you will enjoy but will not harm your body. This way, you put a barrier between you and your bad habit. Replacing bad choices with better ones always works. You don’t even contemplate it when you reach for the better one. However, sometimes it becomes very daunting to let go of these bad habits, and in such a situation, a drug detox center like might come in handy for you.

5. Love Yourself

When you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, it ultimately depicts that you don’t love yourself enough. If you love yourself, you need to remove the chains of your addiction. Understandably, it can be very exhausting when you try not to cave in, but your strong mind or strong love for yourself should play a significant role here. When you are drowning into drugs, you should ask yourself whether it is going to be good for you or not; the answer is going to be a big NO. If it is not good for you, then why are you doing it? That is why you need to put yourself in front of you. You need to realize the damage you are doing to yourself. There will be consequences due to these addictions, and you are the only responsible person behind them. It is high time that you think about how your decisions can have an impact on you. You should only make decisions after considering the consequences that come with your decisions. 

Mistakes do happen. We all make mistakes. We have to learn our lessons from the mistakes you have already made. Bad decisions result in bad consequences, and we need to get the hang of our decisions with regard to these consequences. The pain that comes over us, again and again, will only destroy ourselves. We have to build new habits so that we can let go of the bad ones. 

We have to teach our body to live without the bad habits that give us pain. We don’t need to engage with those habits to live happily. Instead, those habits make our life miserable. Hence, take control of your body and mind. Once you do that, you are a free bird. You finally unlock the chains, and you are free. Get on your feet and start making changes today. The good days are yet to come.

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