How Learning Maintains Psychological Wellbeing

maintains psychological wellbeing

We have lots of words for what is going on between our ears. But, despite all of the terminology, the printed manuals, and a literal science dedicated to the study of our psyche, we know next to nothing. 

As a frame of reference, medieval doctors know more about medicine than modern psychology knows about the human mind. Sure, there are solid theories and patterns to observe, but ultimately the issue is nebulous. 

Taking a break from regular content such as reviewing the validity of BestEssayServicesRadar, we will look at learning, and how it contributed to psychological health.

The problems of modern life

First, we have to tackle a common question: are mental problems increasing because of our lifestyle, is are we just better at diagnosing issues, thus problems only seem more common?

It is a bit of both. People in the past did not have a sophisticated view of mental issues. They would either lump everything under the catch-all term “crazy” or simply miss the situation entirely. The truth is that many things can break your mind. 

Trauma, genetic problems, environmental poisons, hormonal imbalance, can alter your mental state. Even the lack of vitamins in your bloodstream can make you anxious and depressive.

Regardless of the reason, there is an epidemic of people not living their lives to their fullest extent. Needless to say, life is short and we each owe it to ourselves to make it as pleasant and joyful as possible. 

How challenge can increase enjoyment 

The fact that learning promotes and increases mental wellbeing seems like propaganda from the Teacher’s Union. However, this is true. 

It comes down to what brains are, and how they are wired. Our minds are the most sophisticated goal-seeking machines in the Universe. They are here to help us function in the world, make decisions, and achieve our goals. 

We see patterns and goals even when they are not there. For example, we all see faces on clouds, even though it is just a random arrangement of water droplets. 

Brains are desperate for something to do, and if you don’t give them something, they do not develop. The saying that “the mind is a muscle” is a worn-out cliche, but it is close to the truth. Your mind will not develop if you do not exercise it. 

For many people, boredom is almost painful, it creates mental anguish. Boredom is the common way of saying “a mind with nothing challenging or stimulating to do”. 

In an ideal situation, human children should start exercising their minds and bodies from a young age, steadily increasing the difficulty as they go through life. As our mind becomes better at solving and recognizing patterns, it will be more organized, less prone to disease, paranoia, sadness, or anxiety.


Educators have a lot of explaining to do. We are biologically programmed to seek out knowledge, and somehow, they have made it unpleasant.

Take for example “Infotainment”.  Television programs used to make very cheesy and unconvincing cartoons and programs that aimed to double as both entertainment and education sources. Yet, the writing was poor, the lines were unconvincing, and no effort was put into the story structure. 

But there is a way to make infotainment fun. In fact, many people do it as a hobby. The site YouTube has an entire subculture of learning channels. These are not sponsored by the government or a parent association. 

People watch these videos for fun. This proves that infotainment is possible. It is a disservice to society that information in school is presented in such a dry, passionless manner. 

Think of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones. Millions of people memorized locations, noble houses, customs, battles, and the history of the books. Yet, most can’t name 10 presidents. 

This is further proof that most of us are willing to memorize dates, events, and numbers. It just has to be fun.

In general, having fun is great for your mental health, as it promotes healthy hormonal activity and prolongs your lifespan. If you can have fun and learn at the same time, the benefit is doubled. 

Spiritual fulfillment 

Here’s another cliche that is entirely true: people are afraid of what they do not understand. But if you understand nothing, everything will confuse you and cause anxiety. 

Knowing often gives us a feeling of comfort and control. 

Also, unlike animals, most of us see something almost spiritual in pursuing the capital “T” Truth. Something more than pragmatism is moved in us when we watch videos of the depth of space or the abyssal trenches of the oceans. 

The feeling of wonder and discovery has been known to change lives. 

It can also make you a better citizen, as you are more likely to be conscientious after learning how your society was put together.

In general, those who do not learn are caught in a narrow perspective. You only get to see the world through your eyes. Yet, by learning, you read the thoughts of a Roman emperor as if he was right next to you. 

You can glimpse the world from the eyes of people from Ancient China, WW2 soldiers, classical poets, and so much more.

Learning will make your life richer and more fulfilling than you can ever imagine. Of course, a better mental state will result.


Learning is not the solution to all of life’s problems. There are things that are arguably much more important such as loyalty and love. Yet, you will waste your existence if you choose to know nothing. You were given a mind and a body, and neglecting one of them will cause physical and mental issues.  

You owe it to yourself to find out what you can about the world. Otherwise, it is looking at life through a pinhole. 

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