Home Decor: 5 Tips To Keeping Your Neck Pillows Clean And New

Neck Pillows Clean

If you’re anything like me, you love nothing more than a good neck pillow. They make traveling so much more comfortable and they’re also great for napping. But sometimes, no matter how often you wash them, they can start to look a bit dirty and old. Here are 5 tips to keep your neck pillows looking clean and new: 1.  2. 3. 4. 5.  So next time you’re feeling like your neck pillow could use a refresher, try out these tips! You’ll be surprised at how well they work.

When you first get your neck pillow, make sure to wash it before using

Before we get into the comfort of neck pillows, it is important to remember to practice safe habits. When you receive your neck pillow package, don’t forget to wash the neck pillow covers before using them. This is an essential step as neck pillow covers are known to accumulate dust during transportation, leading to discomfort and irritation during use. It’s fairly easy to wash neck pillow covers following the manufacturer’s instructions. You can follow a few simple steps like machine or hand washing and air drying the neck pillows in order to have a better sleeping experience with them. Just 15 minutes of effort cleaning the neck pillows can make all the difference in comfort!

Every few weeks, take your neck pillow outside and give it a good shake to remove any dust or debris

Taking a few moments away from the ultimate comfort of your neck pillow every few weeks is an important part of keeping it in tip-top condition. Make sure to take your neck pillow outside and give it a good shake – this helps dislodge any dust or debris that might otherwise accumulate in the cushion, smothering its once fluffy form. As a bonus, ventilation can also help freshen up any lingering odors and restore the plumpness to your bedtime buddy. Don’t forget to keep giving it some love every now and then so that you can enjoy its comforting support for years to come!

If you notice any stains on your neck pillow, spot clean them as soon as possible

Keeping your neck pillow in tip-top shape is essential for getting the best sleep possible. As such, if you notice any unwanted stains on it, take action immediately. Spot cleaning them with a gentle detergent and cold water should do the trick – this will help to prevent the stain from setting in and ruining the pillow. Just make sure to leave plenty of time for your pillow to dry after spot cleaning it! Following these steps will ensure that your neck pillow remains clean and comfortable, enabling you to get the restful sleep you deserve.

Once a month, put your neck pillow in the washing machine on the delicate cycle with mild detergent

A good night’s sleep can be crucial for a productive day, and a neck pillow is the perfect accessory for comfort. For maximum effect, your neck pillow should be laundered once per month on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent––this will ensure your pillow is kept clean and soft and resilient to wear-and-tear. While two months between washes might suffice, every four weeks is the recommended schedule to ensure proper hygiene and upkeep. With this simple cleaning routine, you’ll enjoy improved sleep quality and greener savings in the long run.

Hang your neck pillow up to dry completely before using it again – do not put it in the dryer!

If you’re looking to use your neck pillow again and again, it’s critical to make sure that you take the time to hang it up to dry completely. While it can be tempting to just throw the pillow in the dryer, this will ruin the fabric and shape of the pillow, making it unsafe and uncomfortable for your next use. To be sure that your neck pillow is ready for its next trip, hang it outside or in a room with plenty of air circulation – and allow it to dry completely before stuffing it back in your bag!

Washing your pillow and keeping it clean will help extend its life, so you can have a good night’s sleep for years to come! Have any tips for cleaning pillows? Share them in the comments below!

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