5 Health Benefits Of IV Bags And Their Impact On Mental Wellbeing

Health Benefits Of IV Bags

In a world with ever-increasing demands for amplified performance, many people have trouble keeping up with the fast pace. Tired, stressed, and run down could be some of the terms they use to describe themselves, and if the pressure continues, they may also add depression and anxiety to the list.

Medical professionals see a graduated climb in patients who request performance-enhancing options, along with a decline in their patient’s mental health status due to their busy lifestyles. According to a study in the Oxford Academic, there is a strong correlation between performance and the stress or anxiety these patients experience due to diminished capacity to complete tasks involving central executive function.

Patients may become despondent because of what they perceive as a lacking ability, and their mental wellbeing may decline even more. Fortunately, many consider intravenous (IV) bags an effective treatment for improving mental wellbeing, and it holds many more benefits for the patients receiving this treatment. Below are some of these benefits.

IV Bags

1. Patients could see increases in physical and mental energy

Everyone should understand that eating a healthy diet can help assist their bodies to perform at their peak due to the vitamins and minerals the food contains. Another way of getting these much-needed substances is by infusing them into the bloodstream using an IV bag.

Medical practitioners can combine any nutrients a patient may lack by adding them to sodium lactate or Ringer’s drip solution. With an increase in everything the body needs, the patient will soon feel physically more fit to take on their responsibilities, which could improve or positively alter their mental energy.

2. Improvements in low mood and anxiety are common

Patients with low mood and anxiety may enjoy the benefits of IV therapy, especially when they can sit back and rest for a few minutes out of their busy day. Most IV bags may take up to an hour to fully infuse into the body, meaning patients have to remain in one place for its duration.

Clinics that offer IV bags could have a spa-like atmosphere conducive to reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, the nutrients from the IV bag, along with this unique environment, can help improve mood and reduce anxiousness for these patients as part of their stress management routine.

3. Prevention of serious symptoms may be an option

Although many professionals use IV bags for administering nutrients, other medical uses could include the management of disease symptoms for patients. For example, studies from the National Library of Medicine showed that patients with chronic illnesses, such as Fibromyalgia, have reported improvements in their symptoms and significant energy and pain tolerance levels after receiving their IV infusions.

Discussions in an article by Medical News Today state other uses where additional support from IV bags shows promise to relieve symptoms are in patients with malnutrition in preventing serious complications. Their daily diet may not provide enough of the vitamins and minerals needed for overall well-being, leaving them without energy.

In both cases, patients may feel more motivated to take charge of their health, and as they begin to feel better, their mental well-being may improve alongside their physical.

4. The immune system could become stronger

As part of the vitamin cocktail that an IV bag could contain, vitamin C could significantly boost the patient’s immune system. Someone feeling ill or prone to infections could become despondent because they are not in total health. It is relatable, as people have all had an illness at some stage during their lives, so they are aware of how frustrating it can be when the body doesn’t allow for normal functioning.

Regular infusions from an IV bag could help the body fight off these infections through vitamin C protecting the integrity of immune cells, which, according to the Food and Drug Admininistration (FDA), is essential for patients with compromised immune systems. It would mean that the person could be in better physical condition to support their mental well-being by receiving IV vitamin support.  

5. Decreases in migraine headaches are possible 

Migraine headaches could be highly disruptive for patients who have to lie down, rest, and take long hours out of their day to get the headache under control with pain medication. In turn, these medications took a toll on other systems and organs of the body, like the liver and kidneys, that have to filter out these foreign substances.

On the other hand, the body needs vitamins and minerals making them the perfect addition to an IV bag for keeping these individuals healthy naturally. Patients who struggle with migraines could become depressed as they seldom see another solution but to take their pain medication. However, after receiving regular treatments in the form of IV solutions, they may start to see the intensity and duration of their migraines improve.

Final thoughts

Even after reading more about the many benefits IV bags could have on one’s physical and mental health, it still doesn’t excuse the patient from taking charge of their well-being and making healthier choices.

Patients should also remember to consult with their healthcare practitioner before starting any additional treatments for their health. They should ensure that the clinics they choose for their IV bags offer a professional service. After all, treatments should improve physical and mental health, and the correct use of IV therapies may help patients achieve just that.


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