Faith Never Fades: How to During Quarantine

Faith Never Fades

During quarantine, many have struggled to practice their faith without weekly sermons. Here’s how to worship during these stressful times.

Christianity accounts for 70.6% of all religions in the U.S. Millions of these Christians have to rethink ways to keep practicing their faith in the wake of coronavirus pandemic and resultant quarantine.

With the suspension of mass gatherings in almost all countries, Christians have to strategize how to have church while still social distancing.

Many Christians have been looking forward to the weekly fellowships and sermons. During these hard times, you have to devise creative ways to worship God. Here’s how to worship during this quarantine period.

1. Have a Daily Devotional

Devotion is time spent with God. It will improve your relationship with your maker. With daily devotion, you can continue to grow in faith even when you’re not attending church services.

The Word of God will keep you from sin and guide you to obedience. Reading daily scriptures and spending time with God will improve your hope during this time when the Coronavirus pandemic is creating havoc across the globe. With daily devotion, you won’t lose sight of God.

It is vital to set a time where you’ll have minimal distractions. The LDS gospel library is a great resource to assist in studying the scriptures. The tool will further allow you to jot notes that you can recap on through the rest of the day.

2. Pray Consistently

‘Rejoice at all times, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances. This is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.’ This part of scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 should be your everyday guide as you stay at home. If you have been wondering how to worship these hard times, you’ll find the answer while on your knees.

There are many ways to pray. The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 is a great place to start. Christ taught His disciples the prayer; while it’s good to memorize it, don’t make it ritualistic.

For you to have quality prayer time, have an understanding of God through the scriptures. Start by thanking God for the endless blessings in your life. Confess your sins and make your requests known.

With knowledge of God’s Word, you can claim promises in your prayers. You can have a personal and family prayer time as a way of fellowshipping.

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3. Worship With Other Believers While Apart

Internet hits have grown by up to 70% as the world is under lockdown. If there’s an opportune moment to take advantage of technology to spread the Word, it is now. With tools such as Zoom and the multiple social media features, you can fellowship with other believers.

Zoom allows several people to access the study through video for a live discussion. Live streaming also enables Christians to worship along. Through these approaches, you can have your prayer and communion despite being miles away from each other.

The ‘group’ features on Facebook is another way Christians can have a virtual congregation to worship God. Through the platform, users can post scriptures, inspirational content, or even memes for God’s glory. The variety of social media tools available have increased ways in which Christians can have productive virtual interactions.

4. Play Worship Music

Worship music sets the right mood for a great time of worshipping. The situation you’re going through might make you lack words when praying. With worship music, the atmosphere is set automatically.

The right music will make you feel more intimate with your maker. Songs control how we feel. The sacred and soothing nature of worship music can increase your openness with God.

With worship songs such as Leeland’s ‘Way Maker’ and ‘What a Beautiful Name’ by Hillsong, you can have an endless list of uplifting music. You won’t even realize when you start praying!

5. Write Down Your Blessings

Has the coronavirus pandemic affected you directly or indirectly? Loss of income, maybe? Losing a loved one?

You’re probably wondering why God is silent amidst these agonizing times. Unfortunately, these doubts make many Christians have a hard time worshiping. Even when you know how to worship, challenging times can make you have less desire to fellowship with God.
If you’re feeling low, start writing down your blessings. Make the activity a daily habit. You’ll be surprised at the much God has blessed you with amidst the ongoing tension.

Writing down your blessings will give you more reasons to be thankful. What’s more, you’ll be less anxious even as you practice self-distance.

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6. Subscribe to Christian Podcasts and Blogs

Inspiring Christian content can motivate you to worship. You can get millions of interviews and teachings on YouTube. Starting your day by listening to positive words will make your day fulfilling.

The best thing about podcasts is that you can have your headphones while doing other chores. You’ll be able to listen to different conversations that will enlarge your perspective of the Word. With the millions of podcasts available, you can have a topic to tune in to every day.

Christian blogs are resources that would help you to grow your faith. Once you identify Christian bloggers with scriptural-based content, subscribe to be reading the articles when published. You’ll build your faith even without the usual weekly church meetings.

7. Use Your Body to Worship

You can worship God through your body. Swimming, dancing, running, and cycling can be used for the glory of God. You can try a yoga class to focus your heart and mind to God.
Identify some of your favorite activities and dedicate them to the Lord. Pray through the activity, and thank God for your abilities. Embrace these interests and grow them as a way of honoring God.

8. Many Christians Are Wondering How to Worship While in Quarantine

Gathering in churches to worship has been a tradition embraced for years. With the coronavirus pandemic, congregating in houses of worship has become almost impossible. Christians need to know how to worship, even when they can’t meet with other believers.
Understanding that you’re the church will help you device creative ways to worship God. You should ensure that you keep praying and reading the Word as a way of safeguarding your faith. The growing use of the internet has made it possible to have several tools that can prove useful for believers.

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