Coping With Mental Illness While On Wheelchair

Mental Illness While On Wheelchair

Physically disabled people experience a variety of important obstacles that might lower their quality of life. Your mental health can be significantly impacted if you were born with a disability or if it developed later in life as a result of an illness or injury.

Consequently, how well you manage mental illness when in a wheelchair and promote a higher standard of living becomes an important challenge to tackle. 

Moreover, individuals with physical disabilities may be sent to nursing homes by their families where they may undergo abuse. If such is the case in your situation, you may contact RIL’s Colorado nursing home abuse lawyers to help you find file your case and claim the right compensation for the same. Such cases often put more pressure on one’s mental health, further making it difficult to cope. 

In this blog, we will be discussing how one can establish a positive mindset in situations that aren’t in their favor and cope with the pressure that one’s mind goes through in case of disabilities.  

Reasons Why Handicapped Individuals May Choose To Use A Wheelchair 

1. Independence

Increased physical capacity and independent movement with the help of a wheelchair can lessen the reliance of physically disabled individuals on others. Wheelchair users can become more independent and in charge of their own lives as a result. People who are least uncomfortable while sitting are frequently more efficient. The quality of life for individuals who can use their wheelchair for long periods of time will be significantly improved since they will have more possibilities to participate in daily life with other members of the household.

2. Health

The health of a person in a wheelchair can be enhanced in numerous ways. Higher levels of exercise can be caused by a wheelchair that is practical, comfortable, and effectively pushed, which can benefit both mentally as well as physically. Stress sores, the advancement of malformation, and other secondary problems linked to bad postures can be decreased through the use of a well-fitted wheelchair with cushioning and thorough user training. Appropriate postural support can also lead to additional advantages like enhanced head, trunk, and upper extremity stability as well as general stability. When evaluating the quality of life, maintaining health is crucial. Together, these elements promote access to possibilities for employment, education, and family involvement.

Prevalent Mental Health Issues In Wheelchair Users

According to research, people with disabilities frequently feel socially isolated and alone. This can result in a concentration on persistently negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, dependencies, and a wide range of other mental health problems. Settings that are inaccessible and misperceptions from non-disabled individuals can occasionally cause a person to feel excluded or even rejected.

Recent studies have found a connection between loneliness and a number of additional health issues, such as a higher risk of early mortality and suicide, dementia, heart disease, and lowered immunity. Isolation and feeling alone can have a significant negative psychological and physical impact.

Keeping A Positive Mental Framework Towards Wheelchair Use

It is understandable that you might find it difficult to face the loss of at least part of your long-term plans during this trying moment. But there are certain ways that may help you cope with the loss and may help you keep a positive mindset.  

  • Do not attempt to repress or dismiss your emotions. It’s natural to want to avoid suffering, but just as you can’t heal from an accident by avoiding it, you can’t move past sadness by denying yourself the ability to feel and proactively deal with the grief in you. Without passing judgment, permit yourself to truly experience your emotions.
  • You’ll probably experience a range of emotions, from rage and despair to bewilderment. This journey is unpredictable and filled with ups and downs, just like a rollercoaster ride. Just have faith that as time passes, the lows will lessen in intensity and you’ll start to settle into your new reality.
  • You are under no need to appear cheerful. Living with a disability requires a lot of learning. Even if you have difficult days, you are still brave and strong. Tell the ones you can trust how you truly feel. It will benefit both you and them.
  • Endorphin levels can be increased, stress can be managed, and mental illness in a wheelchair can be supported by exercising and eating a good diet, according to research. Being active will boost your health as a wheelchair user and can also make daily living easier for you. Consistent aerobic activity that makes you sweat and boosts your heart rate, as well as muscle-strengthening workout, are only two examples.


It goes without saying that your impairment has already significantly altered your way of living. Existing in denial about it does not help. Your constraints make things more challenging. But you may lessen the impact your impairment has on your life through dedication, ingenuity, and a willingness to try new things.

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