‘Closure’ Tiny Tales

'Closure' Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘Closure’

Here are our favorite submissions

By Nazia Joya Tafader 

As You sleep
I dream
Of all things past
When we were fifteen
When we felt, but did not know
Where it would lead

Or so we thought.

As you sleep
I dream
With tear-filled eyes
I cannot control
The pain of pure love
That, now, can never be fulfilled
By each other
Overwhelmed that you’ve returned
Still magical
Still real
Still temporary…

But this time, I cannot let go.

As you sleep
I dream
My heart a knot
Of hope and fear
Of memories old and new
My mind a mesh
Of doubt, of faith
Of promises right and wrong
My body alight
With wonder, with thirst
Of familiar, lingering feelings
More magical
More real, yet

Except the way you’ve touched my soul.

Was never a word that defined us

And I will dream
Of you
Until our sleep
Like you and me

By Aprille Louinne Banting 

Our Final Meeting

I’ve come to accept that there will never be a “you and me”,
So I wanted to set you free but then why did you still desperately cling to me?
And then you looked at me with your glistening eyes and tear stained cheeks,
Exasperated with your shaking voice just how much you loved me.
I clenched my fists and bit down on my lip as a weak attempt to ease my trembling soul but …
Clear crystals fell and melted unto the ground I stood on-
Every wall, every barricade I put up broke down at that instant
And … All I felt was the warmth from your hand on my cheek before lips locked
Then as I tried to shut my eyes to the noise of my own blaring thoughts telling me how all of this was wrong-
You pulled away-
And breathed out your goodbye before telling me to count to ten.
One … Two … Three …
Your missing warmth left me at the mercy of the cold wind.
Four… Five … Six …
Light footsteps clattered about until …
Seven … Eight … Nine …
I couldn’t recognize them from those in the bustling crowd…
Ten … I open my eyes to notice you gone.
Thus I realize, that was truly the end for both of us.

By Theresa Logdon Rose 

Closure isn’t the end of a thread from life, it is only a chance for a new start. Just when you think everything is going wrong and the only thing you dream of is closure, what your dreams are about is nothing more than a new beginning. So throughout life, try not to focus on closing any part of your life. Instead, try to add on to the path you have been on with a different direction. A painting doesn’t end with one color and neither should your story.

By Seth Christopher Esqueda 

Looking for closure to a wound that has been my life for as long as I can remember .
Hated and envied those who had what I wished for
Not sure how to let go because life is not horrible but sometimes with out that closure I don’t know when I’ll love life or not feel this pain in my soul that engulfs me 365 with maybe a minute or two of escape
But sometimes it seems only when I’m old and life is done will I ever truly feel peace

By Malia Atta 

After today, I’m no longer interested in forever.
Not at all. Or not altogether.

Today, I am uninterested. Apathetic. Unsympathetic. Aloof.

Today, you, with kind eyes, were unkind.
It hurt in a way that reminded me why I’ve been afraid of forever.

Because everything that disappears is dear.
Everything that is dear disappears.

By Zeny Rose Dadang 

I stood up beside you, waiting for you to say a word.
There was me, you and the world.
I can hear the crickets jing a ling together
But for you it does not matter.
Wanting you to hold back but its me who give up.
And now we’re here, untying ourselves with tears.
The closure that we’ve been waiting has finally here.
Saying goodbye to each other and a love that disappeared.

By Rocio Alvarenga 

Closure is but a state of mind.
Being that humanity is never truly content/satisfied.
It’s a matter of facing what is.
Accepting what once was and Letting go of what could’ve been.
That’s Closure!

By Evalagne Tayaotao 

Alone with my thoughts, I lay
Still wounded because you didn’t choose to stay
They say time heals all, they do
But years after, I’m still waiting for you

As tears trickle for another night
I end up thinking this isn’t right
So, I’ve made my decision
Without a closure, I’m moving on

By Rinku Shah 

How often have I relived those scenes in my head,
The fights, violence and squabbles…
Then l wiped the viewing glass,
And trudged along!

How often have the noises from the past rewound and haunted me,
The arguments, blaming and shouting…
Then I played a new song,
And trudged along!

How I yearned to have a clean ending- to let go,
All these chapters, stories and relationships…
I apologised to myself for staying too long,
And realised Closure had been right there all along!

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