‘Connect’ Tiny Tales

'Connection' Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘Connect’

Here are our favorite submissions

By Chaitali Agrawal 

Books and pages seemed like a no man’s land,
Letters written, wiped off on the sand,
Words framed into voyage of mirage,
Still the quest to conquer the soul,
Unfulfilled like a mountain sage. .

Searched on the busy streets,
Passed by a lethal retreat,
Strolling near the calm lakes,
On farms using sharp rakes,
Still the quest, remained silent.

Autumn ends and winters marched,
Standing and starring to the leaves that parched,
Dawning sun to the Twilight dusk,
Ashen shaded, shining mammoth ivory tusk,
Standing tall to the gateway of Shrine,
Guarded by the loyal huge canine.

Thirst of the quest was growing by,
Like an ocean shimmering in the night,
To the the silvery shine moonlight.
The burning desire to quench my Thirst,
To enlighten the soul approving first.

Sneaking through the window pane,
To the hustle and bustle down the lane,
Sipping the hot vapoury coffee,
Thoughts clinging and flustered,
An unanticipated affair connected my eyes,
Luminous smile flickered on face.

Seeing the homeless snuggled in sleep,
And Giving shelter To the mongrel,
in the dark cold night for his survival.
Grateful to the mankind,
Still exist in the world of hypocrisy,
Words left standby and,
The quest of the writer finally accomplished.

By Rinku Shah 

In life there are plenty you will meet,
By the riverside, on a flight or down the street.
There’s a reason why we collide,
Strange is this journey as we stride.
Some will drain, hurt, stab and test.
Others will enrich, heal and not use you like the rest.
When you begin,
With the one within.
You will see,
A subtle alchemy…
Adding meaning to your life tapestry,
Sheer artistry!
This kind of connect is with few,
Follows no rule, old or new!

By Nidhi Agrawal Suman Sutwala 

Adhering to our dear ones without weighing the pros n cons of a relationship needs no ground to develop ,with the passage of time mindset change relations get distorted and at this juncture one feels the importance of this word connect we frequently use so very liberally .. today’s connect is mostly log in and log out with ease ..

By Evalagne Tayaotao 

Somehow, with the billions of people we met
I saw you, you saw me
And we knew
All of each other’s fears and flaws
All of our random thoughts
We shared the same heartbeat
Surfed on the same brain waves
Whatever happens, meeting you is something I’ll never regret 

By Ramona Cortez

Human Connection

What is there to read?

The numbness of feeling is strong

Even with the emotional cuts

There’s no pain only to bleed


Judgement and loneliness are staring me in the face

Complete loss of control

Disconnection is the only way

To be able to connect in another place


Completely aware of everything in my sight

I have no awareness to my pain

Some awareness to the damage done

It’s the disconnect that keeps up the fight


Things were said

Things were done

It’s what I feel

Not just in my head


Tears don’t wash away intense pain

Tears don’t alleviate emotional tension

They remind me that I’m still here

They remind me that maybe I can be sane.


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