8 Cheap Spring Break Destinations for College Students

Spring Break Destinations for College Students

Spring break is a much-needed opportunity, and now is the perfect time to consider getting away from it all with an inexpensive spring break trip that can escape all the stress of school and spend quality time with your best friends, whether that means a short trip to the sunny shores.

Explore cultural centers and cities, or take a road trip to a destination closer to home. Going on a trip is the best way to recharge your batteries before term ends, but it’s sure to take a toll on your wallet if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, there are plenty of fun and affordable spring break destinations where you can have tons of fun without completely depleting your life savings.

Spring break usually falls sometime between March and April. But after months of cold weather, just about everyone is restless, and while some popular spring break spots hike prices during peak travel times, our research has uncovered some cheap travel spots that offer Reasonable prices and fewer tourists, but just as much fun. Even though money is tight, we still want to get out for spring break – and still can! You just have to learn how to travel cheap by choosing budget-friendly destinations. With this list in hand, you won’t feel like you’re wasting anything.

If you’re willing to fly midweek, flights may be cheaper than the ones we cite here. You can also sign up for fare notifications to find the best time to buy flights, and use the best travel credit cards and the best travel apps to save extra cash when booking. The best ways you can use Expedia coupon codes for additional savings. 

Beach Vacation

1. Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach claims to be the “spring break capital of the world.” So if you’re looking for the typical college spring break experience, this might be the place for you. Boasting 27 miles of white sand beaches, you can hang out on the beach during the day or try the nearby arcade or mini golf course. If you are staying at the resort, it may also offer additional entertainment activities.

This is a well-designed event coordinated by the city’s hospitality industry and is one of the best spring break destinations for college students. During the day, visitors hang out at the beach or try to win silly prizes at a nearby arcade. Playing mini golf is by consensus the most popular activity. Some resorts offer entertainment, Tiki bars, hot tubs, table tennis and more.

2. Miami, Florida

Miami Beach is located on a natural and man-made barrier island, separated only by several causeways that extend westward. Miami is a city rich in history, culture and art Deco architecture. Most college spring breakers live around the glamorous South Beach area, which is home to celebrity chef restaurants, independent fashion shops and a bustling nightlife scene. But college students also often venture out to enjoy Magic City’s nightlife. The University of Miami and Florida International University are nearby. If you’re into art, explore the Wynwood Arts District. Don’t miss Wynwood Walls, Miami’s original street art museum with its sprawling hand-painted murals, street art galleries and retail outlets.

3. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico, is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, bordering the Caribbean Sea. Cancun Spring Break takes place in the Riviera Maya, one of the easternmost parts of Mexico. Adventurers enjoying spring break in Cancun can also test their limits here. Ride a horse through a cave or complete a zip-line ride. For fun in the sun, visit Wet’ n Wild, the only water park in the area. For thrill-seekers, don’t miss the Shotover Jet – skim over the beautiful Caribbean Sea to experience magical 360-degree maneuvers. 

Accommodation is very affordable, and flights are much cheaper than many other destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. Not to mention you can find delicious food at great prices.

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico spring break can be visited as a final destination or as part of a budget spring break cruise. San Juan is located in the South Atlantic Ocean off the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. The city of San Juan is rich in history, with giant forts to explore, shopping excursions, and water sports for every type of boat you like.

Beach lovers on a college spring break trip can find the busiest party beach or the most remote spot on one of the five main beaches. For those enjoying spring break in Puerto Rico, the islands of Culebra and Vieques are among the most beautiful beaches near San Juan. And, after the sun goes down, San Juan’s nightlife comes alive with parties that will satisfy even the most ardent partygoers.

Outdoor Adventure

5. Denver

Outdoor adventure on a budget? There are few better places for an adventurous spring break than Colorado. Flying to Denver is fairly affordable, and you can find direct flights from most other U.S. cities. Not to mention it has some amazing skiing, food, art, concerts, hiking and more. If the weather is sunny during spring break, visit the Red Rock Amphitheater, visit the Garden of the Gods, hike or head to one of Denver’s many scenic driveways. If it’s a snowy day, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing are all calling your name. If you want to relax, there are free museums and lots of delicious food.

6. Red River Canyon, Kentucky

The top climbing resort in Daniel Boone National Forest is at its most charming in the spring, when wildflowers bloom around 100 natural sandstone arches, cliffs, bridges and other stunning rock formations. But you don’t have to be a climber to enjoy the “red” trails, waterfalls and natural beauty. Visitors can also mountain bike or travel along the Red River in guided canoes or kayaks, and even float in underground caves. In addition to miles of hiking trails, National Bridge State Resort Park offers “skylifts” to view natural Bridges.

Camping here is also a very cost efficient way to make the most of your adventure. You can also rent a cabin or cabin for less than $200, which will be a very exciting adventure.

Enjoy Nature Trip

7. San Diego

Come to this Southern California playground for ideal spring temperatures. San Diego is usually not hot enough to swim in the spring. But you can see fascinating natural areas, the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, SeaWorld and Legoland. Take a boat, kayaking or fishing trip to admire the ocean and explore the area’s naval history at the USS Midway Museum and the San Diego Maritime Museum. The hardy can also don a wetsuit, take surfing lessons or ride a jet ski. Affordable accommodations are available throughout San Diego and the surrounding area, and vintage beach motels are a good option.

8. Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The town is a hidden gem in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, known for its hot spring pools. In fact, it’s the largest in the world, more than the length of a football field. Glenwood Springs is also less than a two-hour drive from several premier ski resorts, including Aspen Snowmass, Vail and Breckenridge. Hanging Lake is a great place to go if you plan to hike nearby, but it’s so popular that you’ll need to purchase a permit in advance to hike. Or you can visit the historic Fairy Cave, which offers 40-minute guided hikes.

If you’re planning your next spring break trip, these destinations are definitely worth checking out. If you’re a college student, there are a number of ways to save money when booking your next trip, such as taking advantage of student discounts, planning ahead, and getting group discounts.

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