Books introduce you to your true self.

Books introduce you to your true self.
Anjali Parekh


Books introduce you
to your true self.


Priyanka Tripathi


Reading makes you 
look at yourself 
and the world differently!
McCullough Cindy


Full of knowledge 
but seeking wisdom!
Amal Jaradat


When a book makes you
face yourself


Sulekha Pande


 It’s better to have 
an outside view of self,
gives a better perspective 
of inner dimensions.
Rinku Shah


Study of the Self,
Has been on the shelf.
Waiting to be ready,
Wasted years already.
It’s a great decision,
To begin this introspection!


Jessica Pires


A mind that reads 
is a dangerous mind 
because it understands 
that the only thing 
worth being understood
in this life 
is its own mind.
Tanu Malhotra


Humans hold the tendency 
to reflect what they read, 
until eventually they are 
mutually absorbed into each other.
Lisa Guariglia


Don’t read too much into it, 
you’ll lose your mind
Happy Honey


Reading yourself helps to know you.
Knowing yourself helps you to face 
any kind of situations in life.
Vijay Kumar


Look at yourself
through the learnings .

Ilda Coelho


Learn yourself
take a look within

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